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I to Eye

  • Date iconJune 27 2018 - April 27 2019
  • Curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi
  • Designer: Michal Aldor

Every day we encounter family members, friends, visitors, and strangers; over the course of our lives, our social circle continues to expand. Modern technology makes us feel more connected than ever, allowing us to “meet” endless friends at any time through our screens and to feel like we are never alone. Is this true? This exhibition uses artworks to examine the changing social landscape of the virtual age, illuminating the importance of real relationships in our lives. Visitors are invited to witness encounters – from their first moments to their eventual conclusion – and rediscover the value of face-to-face encounters. Such meetings present invaluable opportunities to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the other, and therefore of ourselves.

Exhibition made possible by

The Russell Berrie Foundation, New Jersey
The Klarman Family Foundation, Boston
Anonymous Donor, Israel

And donors to the Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education:
The Marianna Griessmann Youth Wing Fund, London
The Morris Rodman Fund, Washington, DC
The J. Weinstein Foundation in memory of
Joe and Celia Weinstein, New York

Curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi
Associate curator: Smadar Gafni

Exhibition design: Michal Aldor
Associate designer: Alexandra Topaz

Graphic design: THE STUDIO

Banner: Nino Herman,Chakalaka, 2017, C-print