A Wedding Dress from Baghdad | The Israel Museum, Jerusalem



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A Wedding Dress from Baghdad

    01 Jan 2018
  • Curators: Noam Bar'am-Ben Yosef, Efrat Assaf-Shapira, Gioia Perugia
  • Irene and Davide Sala Gallery

This unique wedding dress was worn for the first time by Rabbi Abraham Baruch Gubbay’s grandmother at her wedding in Baghdad in the late 19th century. Some family members later immigrated to London, where the dress was altered to be worn by Mozelle – Rabbi Gubbay’s bride – at the ceremonial meals held during the week following their marriage in 1965. Made of satin silk decorated with tinsel embroidery, the dress displays traditional motifs including the Tree of Life, birds, and khamsa patterns. This type of embroidery is characteristic of dowry items of the brides of Baghdad at the time – Jewish, Muslim, and Christian alike.

The dress was donated by Mozelle Gubbay in memory of her husband, with the help of Rosalind Fraiman, London.