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Ilit Azoulay

No Thing Dies

  • Date iconJune 3 2017 - December 2 2017
  • Curator: Noam Gal
  • Photography

Ilit Azoulay’s first solo exhibition in the Israel Museum is the culmination of her ongoing project exploring and the Museum itself. Azoulay interviewed past and present Museum employees, learning how rare objects made their way to the Museum’s collections and how the institution has changed over the years. Inspired by these stories, the artist created large-scale collages comprised of photographs of artifacts in the collections and hidden corners on the Museum’s campus, combined with paper, wood, glass, and gold leaf. The resulting series of works is shrouded in mystery, breathing life into objects that have not been displayed to the public for many years and imbuing them with a new and cotemporary purpose.

In conjunction with the exhibition Ruth Kanner Theater Group will give a series of performances, using the many conversations that Azoulay had with the Museum employees, based on which she created her works.