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Still / Moving

  • Date iconJuly 26 2010 - April 2 2011
  • Curator(s): Suzanne Landau, Yulla and Jacques Lipchitz Chief Curator of Fine Arts and Landeau Family Curator of Contemporary Art.
  • Installation, Photography, Video
  • : Carlos Amorales, Olafur Eliasson, Mona Hatoum, Ori Gersht, Aernout Mik, Bill Viola, Peter Coffin, Rivane Neuenschwander,

Featuring 26 works, Still/Moving showcases the breadth and depth of the Israel Museum's contemporary holdings, as well as its dynamic growth: more than one-third of the works are new acquisitions, and half are displayed here for the first time. The exhibition explores the use of slow and meditative movement in a range of mediums, including installation, video, and photography, and the ways in which movement can modify our perception of space and our experience of individual works of art.