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Nurit Gal: Eclipse

Special display

  • Date iconMarch 5 2024
  • Curator: Gilad Reich
  • Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israeli Art

Nurit Gal took the photos of the series “Eclipse” from her studio window, situated in her home’s safe space, and their size is that of a standard safe room aperture (90x90 cm). After the events of October 7, she rolled back the window’s steel cover and documented the scene outside. The ominous red-orange glow coming from the window crevice in the diptych Safe Room 1 and 2 engulfs the post-apocalyptic landscape now seared into Israeli consciousness, seen in Safe Room 3. This work completes the prophetic sequence created by Gal, manifesting the feelings of horror and catastrophe enveloping Israeli society in the past months.


Nurit Gal, Israeli, born 1960

Mamad (Safe Room) 1 and Mamad 2, from the series “Eclipse,” 2017
Inkjet print
Collection of the artist
Installation photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Elie Posner