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  • Date iconMarch 28 2014 - February 2 2015
  • Curator: Kobi Ben Meir

The desire to leave the familiar behind and head out for distant places has stimulated journeys since the dawn of time and around the world. The exhibition invites visitors to experience many  voyages, sharing the exhilaration of departure, the discovery of new and beautiful vistas, and the satisfaction of surmounting obstacles encountered along the way. These challenges often make the journey more significant than the destination, as the traveler changes and evolves with each step. While focusing mainly on contemporary art, Journeys also features objects from a range of cultures and time periodcs, illuminating the timeless nature of the subject matter. The artists and works on display include Yiftach Belsky's video work documenting his journey through the Golan Heights weighed down by a basalt boulder; Albanian-Italian artist Adrian Paci's photo series in which he is depicted with a tile roof on his back; and Canadian artist Gareth Moore's installation featureing objects he took with him when he set out on an unknown route, along with others he found along the way.