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Gilad Efrat

Inside Painting

    16 Jul 2019 - 04 Jan 2020
  • Curator: Amitai Mendelsohn
  • Designer: Ronit Chernica
  • Ayala Zacks Abramov Pavilion for Israel Art
  • Painting
Artist: Gilad Efrat

This large-scale solo show by leading contemporary Israeli painter Gilad Efrat explores the evolution of his unique painting style and approach, typified by “digging” into layers of paint. Starting with his earliest works, which focus on local and politically significant archeological sites, the exhibition moves to his later depictions of barren deserts, swamps, and moonscapes, before showcasing his most recent abstract paintings. Of special focus in the exhibition are Efrat’s large-scale close-up portraits of apes from the Houston Zoo, which depict primates that he painted in the Zoo as a recreational activity. Unable to create figurative depictions, the apes created abstract works that were sold by the Zoo. These poignant portraits mark a significant moment in Efrat’s transition to abstraction. They address the tension between the figurative and the abstract, and the cerebral and the intuitive – major issues in modern and contemporary art in general, and in painting specifically.

Banner image:
Gilad Efrat, Untitled (Thinking Path), 2016, Oil on canvas, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Purchase, "Here & Now" Contemporary Israeli Art Acquisitions Committee, Israel
Gilad Efrat, Untitled (Ape) V, 2013, oil on linen, Courtesy of Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv
Gilad Efrat, Stones and Sand I (Mars), 2008 oil on linen, Courtesy of Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv
Jericho Winter Palaces, 1999, Oil on canvas, 159x219 cm, Purchase, the Boxenbaum Fund for Israeli Art, Sharon and Gil Brandes, Tel Aviv, and the Rivka Saker and Uzi Zucker Acquisition Fund for Israeli Art, Tel Aviv
Gilad Efrat, Untitled (Thinking Path), 2016, Oil on canvas, 200x150 cm, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Untitled, 2019, Oil on canvas, 250x400 cm, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv