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The Shadow of Color

Otto Freundlich, Len Lye, Lygia Clark, and Blinky Palermo

  • Date iconDecember 22 2016 - April 22 2017
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Works by four pioneering artists who, though active in different places and periods, developed similar visual languages, are brought together for the first time to shed new light on 20th-century abstract art. Otto Freundlich – theoretician, political activist, painter, and sculptor – belonged to the first generation of abstract artists, working alongside Braque and Picasso; Len Lye, a multi-disciplinary artist from New Zealand, was a pioneer of animated film-making; Brazilian painter and installation artist Lygia Clark created innovative interactive works; and Blinky Palermo was known for his “fabric paintings.” For all four, form, color, and shadow lay at the heart of their work, blurring the boundary between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art.


Otto Freundlich, Composition, 1935, Gouache on paper on wood panel, Musée de Pontoise, France, Donation FreundlichInv. DOF.1968.1.18 – Wvz. 179© Musée de Pontoise