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Ronit Agassi

The New Tenant

  • Date iconOctober 3 2017 - April 9 2018
  • Curators: Yona Fischer and Timna Seligman
  • Mixed media
  • Artist: Ronit Agassi

Ronit Agassi interweaves multiple narratives in an installation that is both nostalgic and ominous. Using collage, incision, painting, and treated readymades, she relates to childhood and to the home even though the components of her work – portable plywood panels; toy vehicles; sea and sky; a soldier and a military tent – suggest the impermanence of migration. A parallel narrative involves Agassi’s personal “Three Maries” who have played a role in her life since she was a girl: Marie van Goethem, the model for Degas’s Little Dancer; the scientist Marie Curie; and an unknown Marie who wrote an encrypted letter to her lover. And who is “The New Tenant”? Is it Agassi, as she moves objects that are important to her into Ticho House? Or is it exhibition curator Yona Fischer, who determines where everything must go in this complex space?