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Rockefeller Archaeological Museum


The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, situated in a magnificent white limestone edifice in East Jerusalem, houses the extraordinary collection of antiquities unearthed in

excavations conducted in the country mainly during the time of the British Mandate (1919-1948). The Museum was opened in 1938. 

The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum contains thousands of artifacts arranged in chronological order, ranging from prehistoric times to the Ottoman period, including a 9,000-year old statue from Jericho, gold jewelry from the Bronze Age, and much more. Forty-eight historical black-and-white photographs of archaeological sites have recently been added to the permanent exhibition. The photographs document the pioneering archaeologists' extensive work throughout the country in the first decades of the twentieth century.



Monday: 10am to 3pm
Wednesday: 10am to 3pm
Thursday: 10am to 3pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm

The Rockefeller Museum is closed on Rosh Hashanah, September 6–8.


The Museum is located at 27 Sultan Suleiman Street (just outside the Old City Wall, near Herod's Gate – a short ride from the Jerusalem Municipality).
Buses 1, 3, and 51
Entrance is free of charge, pre-registration not required​

Parking is available only on Saturday.
Visitors are advised to dress warmly in the winter because the Museum is unheated.
Mailing Address:
The Rockefeller Museum
c/o The Israel Museum
POB 71117
91710 Jerusalem 



02 670-8063

 Curator: Fawzi Ibrahim