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Recycling Workshop

Recycling Workshop

Where Ecology meets art

Every Tuesday, you are invited to experiment and create with a variety of materials in an enriching environment.

The Recycling Workshop invites parents and children aged 3-9 to share an inspiring, creative experience. 

Unusual materials gathered from factories throughout the country inspire creative activity and allow you to view the materials with a fresh eye.

The Workshop's open-plan design reflects the spirit of recycling and of the exhibitions currently displayed in the Youth Wing.

Tues | 4, 5, 6 pm | NIS 20 per child | NIS 15 for family membership holders

Recycled-Art in the Israel Museum Jerusalem Youth Wing (video)


To arrange special activities for groups, contact Telma Schultz at 02 670-8963; Fax 02 670-8976;
or email: