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Recycling Workshop

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Recycling Workshop

Where Ecology Meets Art Come experiment with a variety of materials collected from factories in this enriching and challenging environment. The theme changes weekly. 

About the Recycling Workshop The Recycling Workshop invites parents and children aged 3-9 to share an inspiring, creative experience, an educational challenge, and fun. 

Unusual materials gathered from factories throughout the country inspire creative activity and viewing the materials with a fresh eye. The resulting process culminates in making an original sculpture, which is an ecological, cultural, and social statement. The Workshop's location in the Museum campus, actively creating, and the availability of materials combine to enable visitors to connect to the broader world of art displayed in the Museum's galleries. The Workshop's open-plan design reflects the spirit of recycling and of the exhibitions currently displayed in the Youth Wing.

Tues | 4 - 7 pm | NIS 20 per child | NIS 15 for family membership holders

Recycled-Art in the Israel Museum Jerusalem Youth Wing (video)

Roc, Paper, Scissor

Making sculptures, reliefs and decorative objects, all out of paper
Wed | 4 - 7 pm | NIS 20 per child | NIS 15 for family membership  holders 
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