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Hoard of Oil Lamps and Molds

    December 13 2020 - December 30 2021
  • Curator: Liza Lurie
  • Designer: Oz Biri
  • The entrance to the Archaeology wing

A group of almond-shaped pottery oil lamps decorated with geometric and floral designs was recently discovered in Tiberias. Nearby, a hoard of intact lamp molds of unprecedented size and quality were found, as well as a kiln used for firing small objects. The kiln contained complete ceramic bars on which the objects were placed while they were being fired. The finds indicate that a pottery workshop once operated at the site. They provide a rare glimpse into the way mold-made pottery was manufactured in this region long ago.


This exhibition was created in collaboration with Dr. Oren Gutfeld and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Tiberias, Early Islamic Period, 7th–8th century, pottery