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ציור של ישראל, ספרטמבר 2018


Works by for people with special needs

    February 28 2019 - April 28 2019
  • Curator: Timna Shahar
  • Youth Wing Lobby
Artists: Youth Wing art program for people with special needs

Everyone hopes to have a true friend and a sense of belonging. Recognizing this human need lies at the heart of the Israel Museum’s art program for people with special needs.

This year the program’s annual exhibition is about the feeling of joyous friendship that makes these art groups so magical. Every group has become a friend-ship: a shared vehicle of support and inclusiveness that takes each participant on a voyage of special creativity.

ההזמנה לתערוכה בחברו-תא
ההזמנה לתערוכה בחברותא