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Roman Gold Coins from the Victor Adda Collection

Faces of Power

Roman Gold Coins from the Victor Adda Collection

  • Date iconJune 22 2017 - June 9 2018
  • Curators: Haim Gitler and Yaniv Schauer

An astounding collection of 75 gold coins never before displayed to the public, bearing the portraits of Roman Emperors and their wives. These coins offer a rare glimpse into the world of the rulers of the Roman Empire, as well as revealing the great artistic skill to reflect a person's character, mostly as means of portraits on coinage over a period of 350 years, from the establishment of the Empire to its acceptance of Christianity as its official religion. The slogans on the coins - the majority of which include words relating to victory, security, and peace - display how little propaganda has changes over thousands of years.

Curators: Dr. Haim Gitler, Yaniv Schauer
Scientific Consultants: Dr. Gil Gambash, Dr. Matti Fischer
Exhibition Design: Studio de Lange – Chanan de Lange, Yulia Lipkin
Graphic Design: Batya Segal
Hebrew Editing: Tami Michaeli
English Translation: Nancy Benovitz
Photography: Elie Posner
Media Production: Niv ben David, 8ND
Virtual Tour: Ardon Bar-Hama, made possible by George Blumenthal, New York
3D Scans: The Computerized Archaeological Laboratory, Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Prof. Leore Grosman, Francesco Valletta, Ortal Harush, Talia Yashuv, Keren Nebenhaus
Coin Replicas: MoonLab Studio
Additional coins in the exhibition: Extended loan from the David and Cindy Sofer Collection, London

The exhibition was made possible by The William Davidson Foundation, Detroit

Galba, Rome, 68/9 CE, Aureus

Faustina the Elder, Rome, after 141 CE, Aureus 

Caracalla, Rome, 215 CE, Aureus