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Museum Staff

Senior Executive Staff

Anne and Jerome Fisher DirectorProf. Ido Bruno02-670-8801
Deputy DirectorYoav Mark02-670-8889
Tamar and Teddy Kollek, Chief Curator of ArchaeologyDr. Haim Gitler02-670-8812
Chief Curator, Jewish Art and LifeDaisy Raccah-Djivre02-670-8844
Yulla and Jacques Lipchitz Acting Chief Curator of Fine ArtsDr. Silvia Rozenberg02-670-8849
Acting Head of the Ruth Youth Wing for Art EducationEldad Shaltiel02-677-1355
Director of Development and International RelationsRachel Shaul02-670-8861
Head of Finance DepartmentSharon Erez02-670-8828
Head of Human ResourcesDganit Israeli02-670-8956

Executive Staff

Assistant to the Director and Chairman of the Board for Special Affairs, Company SecretaryYael Shinar02-670-8801
Coordinator - Curatorial AffairsNeta Peretz02-6771356
Executive AssistantBarbara Meltz-Kahn02-670-8801

Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Archaeology Wing

Tamar and Teddy Kollek Chief Curator of Archaeology; Curator of NumismaticsDr. Haim Gitler02-670-8812
Assistant to the Chief Curator of ArchaeologyTali Sharvit02-670-8830
Ilse Katz Leibholz Curator of Prehistoric CulturesAhiad Ovadia02-670-8821
Curator of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age PeriodsNurith Goshen02-670-8829
Frieder Burda Curator of Iron Age and Persian PeriodsDr. Eran Arie02-670-8877
Senior Curator of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine PeriodsDavid Mevorah02-670-8816
Associate Curator of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine PeriodsRachel Caine Kreinin02-670-8816
Curator of Islamic Art and ArchaeologyLiza Lurie02-670-8834
Associate Curator of NumismaticsYaniv Schauer02-670-8831
Curator of Ancient GlassDr. Ruth Jackson-Tal02-670-8830
Jeannette and Jonathan Rosen Curator of Egyptian ArchaeologyDr. Shirly Ben Dor Evian02-670-8934
Rodney E. Soher Curator of Western Asiatic AntiquitiesLaura A. Peri02-670-8856
Rodney E. Soher Curator of Classical ArchaeologyGalit Bennett-Dahan02-670-8849
Lizbeth and George Krupp Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the BookDr. Adolfo Roitman02-633-2568
Curator, Shrine of the BookHagit Maoz02-633-2565
Curator of the Rockefeller MuseumFawzi Ibrahim02-627-1926
RegistrarBella Gershovich02-670-8885
Senior Editor of English PublicationsNancy Benovitz02-670-8833
CoordinatorAlison Ashenberg02-670-8937
Project Management OfficerMatan-El Shukrun02-670-8885
Executive Administrative AssistantRonit Selig02-670-8812

Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and Life

Chief Curator, Curator, Skirball Department of JudaicaDaisy Raccah-Djivre02-670-8844
Assistant to the Chief CuratorMiki Joelson02-677-1329
Senior Curator, Julia and Leo Forchheimer Department of Jewish EthnographyNo'am Bar'am-Ben Yossef02-670-8016
Senior Curator, Skirball Department of JudaicaDr. Rachel Sarfati02-670-8819
CuratorSharon Weiser-Ferguson02-670-8802
Associate CuratorEfrat Assaf-Shapira02-670-8986
Associate CuratorAnna Nizza Caplan
Storage and Collection ManagerGioia Perugia02-670-8978
Project Management OfficerChen Tuvia Mellul02-670-8844
Archive Officer, Isidore and Anne Falk Information CenterRevital Hovav02-677-1304
Database Coordinator, Isidore and Anne Falk Information CenterAlona Farber02-677-1311

Edmond and Lily Safra Fine Arts Wing

Yulla and Jacques Lipchitz Acting Chief Curator of Fine ArtsDr. Silvia Rozenberg02-670-8849
Assistant to the Chief CuratorShua Ben-Ari02-677-1352
Senior Curator and Head of the David Orgler Department of Israeli ArtDr. Amitai Mendelsohn02-670-8841
Hans Dichand Senior Curator of European ArtShlomit Steinberg02-670-8989
David Rockefeller Senior Curator, Stella Fischbach Department of Modern ArtDr. Adina Kamien-Kazhdan02-670-8014
Associate Curator, Stella Fischbach Department of Modern ArtEfrat Klein-Aharon02-670-8047
Michael Bromberg Head Curator, Ruth and Joseph Bromberg Department of Prints and DrawingsTanya Sirakovich02-670-8969
Curator, Ruth and Joseph Bromberg Department of Prints and DrawingsRonit Sorek02-670-8853
Curator of the Norman Bier Section for Maps of the Holy Land, Department of Prints and DrawingsAriel Tishby02-670-8921
Associate Curator, Ruth and Joseph Bromberg, Department of Prints and DrawingsNirit Sharon Debel02-670-8065
Horace and Grace Goldsmith Curator, Noel and Harriette Levine Department of PhotographyTamara Abramovitch02-677-1335
Associate Curator, Section for Photographic EstatesYudit Caplan02-670-8843
Curator of Interdisciplinary ArtTalia Amar02-670-8894
Curator of Design and ArchitectureRami Tareef02-670-8882
Associate Curator, Department of Design and ArchitectureOsnat Sirkin02-670-8882
Curator, Marcel Lorber Department of Asian ArtMiriam Malachi02-670-8840
Benjamin Weiss Senior Curator, Art of the AmericasYvonne Fleitman02-670-8015
Curator, Arts of Africa and OceaniaYael Eshel02-670-8955
Curator of Ticho HouseTimna Seligman02-670-8913
Head of Information Center for Israeli ArtDr. Allison Kupietzky02-670-8018
Project Management OfficerDaniel Galperin02-670-8990
CoordinatorMiryam Alafi02-670-8987

Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education

Acting Head of the Ruth Youth WingEldad Shaltiel02-677-1355
Administrative DirectorNava Shwartz02-670-8068
Senior Curator of Art CoursesEldad Shaaltiel02-670-8961
Senior Curator of the Resnick Art Education Training CenterLihi Sapir02-670-8860
Dita and Paul Morawetz Head of Guided ToursTalya Weiss Ben Ami02-677-1305
Head of Educational Programs and EventsDaniella Shalev02-677-1373
Associate Curator of the Feinstein Recycling RoomTelma Schultz02-670-8963
Associate Curator of Illustrated Children's BooksOrna Granot02-670-8952
Curator for Museum EducationElla Regev02-670-8891
Associate Curator for Museum EducationElla Cohen02-670-8053
Associate Curator for Museum EducationLia Lahav Klein02-670-8058
Associate Curator for People with Special NeedsTimnah Shahar
Coordinator of Guided Tours for adultsSigal Hisdai02-670-8884
Coordinator of Guided ToursVered Zolotovsky02-670-8805

Curatorial Services

Designer and Deputy to the Head of PublicationsYael Bamberger02-677-1357
Senior Editor of English PublicationsAnna Barber02-670-8981
Senior Editor of Hebrew PublicationsTami Michaeli02-670-8979
Head of Technical ServicesYaniv Cohen02-670-8908
PMO, Technical ServicesArtur Avakov02-670-8908
Head of Audiovisual DepartmentMenahem Amin02-670-8879
Head of ConservationSharon Tager02-6708666
Head of Paper, Prints and Drawings ConservationMichael Maggen02-670-8808
Head of Metals and Organic Object ConservationIrit Lev-Beyth02-670-8817
Head of Painting ConservationGhiora Elon02-670-8817
Head of Decorative Surfaces ConservationMichal Blanket Ganor02-670-8017
Head of Wood ConservationRonen Dor02-670-8017
Head of Stone, Ceramics and Glass Objects Conservationelisheva Yardeni02-670-8810
Head of the Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation and Material Reseach, Shrine of the BookHasia Rimon02-6332560
Head of Textile ConservationYona Dresner02-670-8871
Head of PhotographyElie Posner02-670-8931
Head of Image Resources and Copyright ManagementYael Barschak02-670-8064
RegistrarBareket Mann02-670-8030
Head of Traveling ExhibitionsSivan Eran-Levian02-677-1301
Traveling Exhibitions CoordinatorChandi Medad02-677-1317
Exhibition Budget and Insurance OfficerDalia Angel02-670-8092
Head of Shipping and LoansHenk van Doornik02-670-8897
PMO, Shipping and LoansTal Elispur02-677-1316
Collections Database ManagerDr. Allison Kupietzky02-670-8031
Project Management OfficerLiat Benzguida02-677-1357


Nina Abrams Chief LibrarianVicky Leiderman02-670-1306
LibrarianIna Lewanowicz02-670-8886
LibrarianInna Zelman02-670-8084
LibrarianTali Link02-670-8084
LibrarianJeanne Bloch02-670-8084

Exhibitions Department

Head of Exhibition Design DepartmentMichal Aldor02-670-8088
Exhibitions DesignerShirley Yahalomi02-670-8088
Exhibitions DesignerRona Chernika02-670-8088
Project ManagerSara Gal02-670-8088

Development and International Relations

Director of Development and International RelationsRachel Shaul02-670-8861
Acting Director for Development and International RelationsSusan Strul02-670-8917
Director, Israeli FriendsLea Rotstein02-670-8861
Development Officer and Coordinator of EventsInna Meyler02-670-8890
Coordinator, Donor RelationsCarina Auerbach-Hod02-670-8815

Special Events Department

Head of Special EventsOmer Tsur02-670-8970
Chief ProducerTamar Dekel02-670-8896
Acting producer Coordinator of Filming CrewsAviad Ellinson02-670-8827

Senior Management

Head of Human ResourcesDganit Israeli02-670-8956
Head of Finance DepartmentSharon Erez02-670-8828
Chief Building OfficerDalia Lazar02-670-8909
ComptrollerYair Lev02-670-8828
Budget OfficerSonia Gurtovnik02-677-1372
Deputy Director of Human ResourcesSigalit Sapir02-670-8944
Acting Head of Salary SectionYael Katzav02-670-8848
Chief Security and Contingency OfficerOded Rahamim02-670-8848
Head of Building and MaintenanceAvi Aharoni02-670-8839
Head of Logistics and PurchasingAvigdor Nadav02-670-8851
Head of Museum ArchivesTamar Soffer02-670-8037
Chief Information OfficerOhad Greiner02-670-8828
Technical Manager and User SupportArik Mordechai02-670-8836

Marketing and Public Relations

Head of Marketing DepartmentRona Cohen-Morad02-670-1323
SpokespersonYael Edelist02-670-8935
Foreign Press OfficerMichal Marmary02-670-8935
Head of Internet OfficeBen Yishai Danieli02-670-9961
Advertising CoordinatorAviv David02-670-8868
Head of Visitor Services and MembershipNatalia Kowal02-670-8855
Marketing CoordinatorLital Vilensky02-670-8074
Sales ManagerRoni Peled02-670-8027

The Israel Museum Volunteers Association

DirectorBetty Korman02-670-8925
CoordinatorDitza Leavy02-670-8925

Israel Museum Products, Ltd

General ManagerMor Kalev02-670-8977
General ManagerMor Kalev02-670-8883


ComptrollerAyala Vardi (CPA) 050-5882224