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A Legacy in Script

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Maimonides: A Legacy in Script


Commentary on the Mishnah in Judaeo-Arabic, believed to be in Maimonides’s own handwriting

Egypt, after 1168
Handwritten in ink on paper
Mishnaic Order Kodashim: Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, MS. Pococke 295


The authorized proofread copy of the Mishneh Torah, signed and approved by Maimonides

“It has been corrected from my own book. I am Moses son of Rabbi Maimon, the Righteous, of Blessed Memory”
Egypt, 1170–80
Handwritten in ink on paper
Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, MS. Huntington 80


Miscellany of medical texts in Judaeo-Arabic

Barcelona (?), ca. 1345–48
Handwritten on parchment; ink, tempera, and gold leaf
National Library of France, Paris, Hébreu 1203


The Kaufmann Mishneh Torah

Northeastern France (?), 1295–96; Cologne, Germany, 1411–13
Handwritten on vellum; black, red, and blue ink, tempera, and gold leaf
The Library and Information Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Kaufmann A77/IV


Mishneh Torah

Copied in Spain or southern France, before 1351
Illuminated in central Italy (Perugia?), ca. 1400
Handwritten on parchment; ink, tempera and gold leaf
The National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, ms. Hebr. 4° 1193


Guide of the Perplexed

Barcelona, 1347 or 1348
Handwritten on parchment; ink, tempera, and gold leaf
The Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, cod. Heb. 37


Mishneh Torah, Introduction and Books 1–5

Northern Italy, ca. 1457
Handwritten on vellum; ink, tempera, gold, and silver leaf
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vatican City, Ross. 498


Guide of the Perplexed in Judaeo-Arabic

Yemen, 15th century
Handwritten and decorated in ink on paper
British Library, London, MS. Oriental 1423

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