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Jakob Eisenscher Archive

Jakob Eisenscher Archive

Jakob Eisenscher was an Israeli painter, born in Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1896-1980.

Born in Czernowitz, Bukovina, as a young man, he attended the art academy in Vienna. In 1914, he was drafted and sent to the Russian front in Galicia. In 1915, while stationed in the Alps, he was taken prisoner by the Italian army. Throughout World War I, he remained in a POW camp where he spent much of his time painting. After the war he returned to Czernowitz and earned a living from photography. In the early 1930s, he immigrated to Paris, France, where he was exposed to Cubism. In 1935, Eisenscher immigrated to the Land of Israel. In 1952-1967, he studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art.

Early in his career Eisenscher produced drawings, woodcuts and figurative paintings, moving on to portraits and figurative paintings influenced by German Expressionism. From the 1950s, he began to paint Cubist-style landscapes.

The Jakob Eisenscher Archive, which includes correspondences and photographs, is found in the Information Center for Israeli Art at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

List of artists featured in this archive: 

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  • Beeri, Tuvia, Israeli, born Czech Republic, 1929
  • Blass, Rico, Israeli, born Poland, 1908–2002
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  • Eisenscher, Jakob, Israeli, born Romania, 1896–1980
  • Eisman, Michael, Israel, 1934-
  • Eshet, Pinchas, Israeli, born Romania, 1935–2006
  • Gat, Eliyahu, Israeli, born Russia, 1919–1987
  • Giladi, Aharon, Israeli, born Russia, 1907–1993
  • Holzman, Shimshon, Israeli, born Galicia, 1907–1986
  • Kadishman, Menashe, Israeli, 1932–2015
  • Kaplan, Nata, Alexandria, Egypt, 1918-2005
  • Katz, Shmuel, Israeli, born Austria, 1926–2010
  • Kupferman, Moshe, Israeli, born Poland, 1926–2003
  • Laufer, Milia, Romania, 2008
  • Neustein, Joshua, Israeli, born Poland 1940, active USA and Israel
  • Peretz Arad, Esther, Bulgaria, 1921-
  • Priver, Aaron, Poland, 1902-1979
  • Rita, Alima, Israel, 1932-2013
  • Smilansky, Noemi, Israeli, born Poland, 1916/1918–2016
  • Steinhardt, Jakob, Israeli, born Germany, active Germany and Israel, 1887–1968
  • Talphir, Gabriel, Poland, 1901-1990
  • Tamari, Amiram, Hadera, Israel, 1913-1981
  • Uri, Aviva, Israeli, 1922–1989
  • Yarden, Piri, Yugoslavia