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Dance in the Exhibition

Dance in the Exhibition

Tuesdays, 21:00, November-December 2018

For the fourth year, the Israel Museum hosts a new series of dance performances in intimate museum spaces; creating unique encounters between dancer and art in the gallery. The Museum has hosted a number of Israeli dance encounters over recent years, where each dancer brings fresh perspective to the museum experience, whether in a work created specifically for the Museum space, or a legacy work that has been adapted to resonate in the gallery. In this year's dance series, the Museum draws on the connections between dance and art presented in the museum.
Each of the artists chosen to take part in this unique framework offers a new interpretation from his, or her own repertoire. In contrast to the traditional stage, the encounter of dance in a museum space creates an intimate and direct connection between the audience and the performing artists. The space; together with the works imbues the dance with new meaning, which in turn creates further dimensions. Dance in the Exhibition becomes a unique dialogue between the creator of dance and dancers; visual art and the audience.

Artistic director of the series: Neta Cohen

Tues | 9 pm | Museum galleries | gates open at 8 pm
IS 65 | IS 50 members | IS 55 soldiers, students and senior citizens | Includes entrance to the Museum from 4 pm

4.12   | Junction + Rite of Self  | Tomer Navot and Maya Reshef (Junction) Iris Erez (Rite of Self)

11.12 | BLACK HOLE | Shamel Pitts SOLD OUT

18.12 | The Rite of Spring of Farid el-Atrache | Orly Portal
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25.12 | Nuee | Stefan Ferry
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For more details cal: 077-231-3682


Creative Writing + Dance in the Exhibition- A Writing Exploration in collaboration with Israel Museum

Why do dance performances happen in museums? What do they contribute to the space and how does the gallery environment contribute to the viewer experience of dance works?

It is with great excitement that we open the Call for Applications to the Creative Writing + Dance in the Exhibition- A Writing Exploration in collaboration with Israel Museum.

The program will accompany The Israel Museum’s Dance in the Exhibition series, which will host ֿleading Israeli artists in the ֿgalleries of the ֿmuseum.

Participants will be invited to attend all performances in the series and respond to them here on the site. Participants will be invited to attend performances on November 27, December 4, 11, 18 and 25 and respond to them here on the site.

This program is suitable for artists, writers and curious individuals who are interested in dance and want to develop their writing skills.

The Writing Exploration will be led by Ori Lenkinski, dancer, journalist and founder of Creative Writing in collaboration with Neta Cohen, Head of Special Events Department at the Israel Museum and Artistic Director of the Dance in the Exhibition series. We will begin with a workshop with both Ori and Neta on November 20, 2018.

There is a 400 NIS participation fee, which includes the workshop, tickets to all performances, editing, translation (if needed) and publication of content generated in the Exploration on various online platforms.

The performances will take place on:

Nov. 27

Dec. 4

Dec. 11

Dec. 18

Dec. 25

Apply online by November 14, 2018: