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Artifact Gallery Archive

Artifact Gallery Archive

(list of some 20 artists featured in this archive)

Artifact Gallery was established in 1986 by Sergio Edelsztein. It was originally located in the Red House, an industrial building on Nahmani Street in Tel Aviv that formerly housed the Lodzia textile factory. Five years later, the gallery moved to the Noga neighborhood in Jaffa. 

From the 1987 exhibition "Larry Abramson", Artifact Art Gallery, Tel Aviv


Artifact Gallery showcased the work of leading Israeli artists, among them Diti Almog, Philip Rantzer, Yitzhak Livne, Hila Lulu Lin, David Reeb, Larry Abramson, Asad Azi and Joshua Borkovsky. The gallery was one of the first in the country to provide exhibition space for video art installations. It closed in 1996.


In 2013, Edelsztein donated the archive of Artifact Gallery, which includes archival material on Israeli artists, to the Information Center for Israeli Art at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

List of artists featured in this archive: 

  • Abramson, Larry, Israeli, born South Africa, 1954
  • Almog, Diti 
  • Azi, Asad, Israeli, born 1955
  • Berest, Dganit, Israeli, born 1949
  • Borkovsky, Joshua (Shuky), Israeli, born 1952
  • Cohen Gan, Pinchas, Israeli, born Morocco, 1942
  • Davis, Daniel
  • Ganor, Atzmon, Haifa, Israel, 1960-
  • Gershuni, Moshe, Israeli, born 1936
  • Getter, Tamar, Israeli, born 1953
  • Gitlin, Michael, born South Africa, 1943, active Israel and USA
  • Kadishman, Menashe, Israeli, born 1932
  • Livne, Yitzhak
  • Lulu Lin, Hila, Israel, 1964-
  • Naaman, Michal, Israeli, born 1951
  • Neustein, Joshua, Israeli, born Poland 1940, active USA and Israel
  • Rantzer, Philip 
  • Reeb, David 
  • Tevet, Nahum, Israeli, born 1946
  • Ullman, Micha, Israeli, born 1939