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Footed bowl

Footed bowl

Footed bowl


H: 16.2; Diam: 16.2 cm

Gift of Ivor and Flora Svarc, Berkeley, California

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Archaeology/Classical Archaeology

Wide shallow bowl with low foot. The looped ribbon handles terminate inside the bowl in a highly-stylized animal protome, probably representing a bull's head. Handles of this type, with bull or ram protomes, are relics from the Apennine bronze age; vessels with these attributes may have served a cultic purpose. The tube in the center of the bowl continues through the foot and is pierced through. It was originally joined to the rim by a bridge. The decoration consists of bands, zigzag motifs, and triangles impressed in the clay with strings of varying thickness or with roulettes. A similar, continuous central tube occurs on an impasto bowl in Tarquinia where handles such as the one described above are occasionally observed.

From the Israel Museum publications:

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Italy of the Etruscans: Archaeological finds from the First Millenium, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 18/06/1991 - 18/11/1991