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Plate of the Genucilia type

Plate of the Genucilia type

Plate of the Genucilia type


H: 5.5; Diam: 14 cm

Gift of Ivor and Flora Svarc, Berkeley, California

Accession number:


Archaeology/Classical Archaeology

The Genucilia Group consists of a large number of plates on a low foot and without handles. The plates are usually decorated either with a female head or a star, framed by spiral waves. Their production started in the early 4th century BCE in Falerii Veteres, probably on the initiative of an Athenian immigrant. The name of the group derives from a painted inscription on one of the plates with the name of the owner, a Faliscan or Latin lady by the name of Poplia Genucilia. Genucilia plates were widely exported and frequently dedicated at sanctuaries.

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