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Figurine of Aphrodite-Isis

Figurine of Aphrodite-Isis

Figurine of Aphrodite-Isis

Bronze, hollow cast

H: 27; W: 11; D: 4.5 cm

Gift of Renny Pelossof, in memory of Dr. Dan Herness, Pardes Hannah

Accession number:


Archaeology/Hellenistic, Roman & Byzantine Periods

In this figurine, Aphrodite is portrayed in the guise of Isis, a benevolent Egyptian fertility and mother goddess. Isis’s cult gained popularity in the Roman Period through her association with similar Greco-Roman deities. Aphrodite is portrayed as a naked and voluptuous woman wearing the combined headdress of the Egyptian goddesses Isis (plumes) and Hathor (cow horns and sun disk) and holding a sistrum (a musical instrument used in the cult of Isis).

From the Israel Museum publications:

3x50@50: IMJ Collection Highlights, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2015