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Greek coin of Lysimachus

Greek coin of Lysimachus

Greek coin of Lysimachus

Tetradrachm (silver)
Mint: Lampsacus, 301–299 BCE

Diam: 28 mm; Weight: 17.46 gr; Axis: 12

Harry Stern Collection, bequest of Kurt Stern, London

Accession number:



Obv.: Head of Alexander the Great r.
Rev.: Athena seated l. holding small Nike

Alexander only allowed selected artists to portray him. His image was a flattering and realistic one, the face youthful and clean-shaven, the hair long and curly. On this coin, Alexander’s official image is combined with the ram’s horn of the Egyptian god Amun. The divine attribute was added to signify Alexader’s deification, which took place during his lifetime.