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Red-Blue chair

<i>Red-Blue</i> chair

Dutch, 1888−1964

Red-Blue chair

Manufactured 1966

Beech and plywood, painted

87 x 66 x 83.5 cm

Gift of Dr. Willem Sandberg, Amsterdam

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Arts/Design and Architecture

The Red-Blue chair has no precedent in the history of chair design. It can, however, be seen as a skeletal version of the traditional armchair. It consists of seventeen standardized wooden elements, all readily available in lumber stores of the period. Rietveld left his Red-Blue chair unpainted until around 1923; only after joining the De Stijl movement in 1919 and absorbing the influence of Piet Mondrian’s paintings did he paint the chair in its famed primary colors.


The Design and Architecture Collection, Selected Works, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 25/07/2010 - 31/12/2010