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Torah case and ornaments

<b>Torah case and ornaments</b>

Torah case and ornaments


Torah case and wrapper (guftan)

Bayt Baws

Wood, wool and brass

Case: H: 57, D: 32 cm

Wrapper: L: 97, W: 55 cm

Gift of Haim Avia’d and Salem Ya’ish Avi’ad, Etz Hayim Synagogue, Kfar Saba

B92.1540 (a–b)

Torah finials

Brass, repoussé

H: 27, W: 3.5 cm


Torah pointer (makhwat)

Brass, cast and engraved

L: 29, W: 1 cm

Inscribed in Hebrew with verses from Psalms


Jewish Art and Life
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