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The Corcos Wrapper (mappah) for Torah

The Corcos Wrapper (<i>mappah</i>) for Torah

The Corcos Wrapper (mappah) for Torah

Silk velvet, gilt silver-thread embroidery; silk brocade

The Hebrew inscription relates that the wrapper was donated in 5688 (1727/28) to the Scola Castigliana (a synagogue founded by Jews of Castilian origin) by the brothers Samuel and Isaac Corcos, in memory of their great-grandfather, Hezkiah Manoah Corcos, and their father, Manoah, and dedicated to the lives of their children.

H: 64.5; L: 240 cm

Gift of the Jewish Community of Rome

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Jewish Art and Life

In Rome, ceremonial objects were usually part of a lavish set - called addobbamento - that included textiles and silver articles. Some items, often donated by the same family over a long period of time, were personalized with a family crest. An impressive Corcos family crest is embroidered at the center of this Torah wrapper, while smaller crests hang among the mantle’s fringes.

From the Israel Museum publications:

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