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Royal Moabite inscription

Royal Moabite inscription

Royal Moabite inscription


H: 19.5; W: 35 cm

Extended loan from Michael and Judy Steinhardt, New York

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Archaeology/Israelite & Persian Periods

Though only part of this Moabite inscription has survived, the remaining text suggests that it belonged to an inscribed stone slab that recorded the victories of a Moabite king. The inscription records the king’s building projects and boasts of his victory over the Ammonites, reflecting the tension between the two nations.
"[… and] I built [… and I took] many captives. And I built [the citadel of the royal-house. And I bui]lt Beth-haro’sh. And with the captives of the Ammonites [I built for the] reservoir a mighty/strong gate. And the small cattle and the cattle […I carried] there. And the Ammonites saw that they were weakened in every […]"