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The Yahuda Haggadah

The Yahuda Haggadah

The Yahuda Haggadah

Handwritten on parchment; brown ink and gold and silver leaf; square Ashkenazic script

H: 23.1; W: 16.5 cm

Gift of Rachel Ethel Yahuda, New Haven, Connecticut

Accession number:


180/050 (181/016)

Jewish Art and Life

This Haggadah is illustrated throughout with depictions of Passover rites and biblical episodes related to the Exodus as well as to the lives of Moses, the Patriarchs, and other figures. The numerous scenes, which are mostly based on midrashic sources, are accompanied by rhymed inscriptions, usually set within scrolls. The same artist, whose identity has not yet been discovered, decorated another similar Haggadah, and both are filled with outstanding illustrations.


Mordechai Narkiss: Memorial Exhibition, The Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem, 02/05/1957 - 31/05/1957