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Philistine dedicatory inscription

Philistine dedicatory inscription

Philistine dedicatory inscription


H: 39; W: 60; D: 26 cm

Israel Antiquities Authority


Archaeology/Israelite & Persian Periods

This inscription, written some 500 years after the Philistines first settled in the Land, was found in a temple in Ekron. It informs us that the temple was dedicated by Achish, son of Padi, ruler of Ekron, to his patron goddess. The names of both the goddess and the dedicator are Greek in origin, evidence that the Philistines preserved their traditions for centuries.
The temple which he built, Achish (Ikausu) son of Padi, son of YSD, son of Ada, son of Ya’ir, ruler of Ekron, for PTGYH his lady. May she bless him, and protect him, and prolong his days, and bless his land.

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3x50@50: IMJ Collection Highlights, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2015