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Red-figure squat lekythos (oil jar)

Red-figure squat <i>lekythos</i> (oil jar)

Red-figure squat lekythos (oil jar)


H: 10.9; Diam: 6.5 cm

Gift of Claire Huchet-Bishop, New York, to American Friends of the Israel Museum, in memory of Dr. Arthur Briskier

Accession number:


Archaeology/Classical Archaeology

Women carrying caskets containing jewelry and beauty implements often appear in wedding scenes, or in scenes depicting the Eupalia, the day after the wedding, when such caskets were offered as wedding gifts. The hanging sash at the back alludes to the women’s areas of the home (gynaikeion).

From the Israel Museum publications:

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Perfumes and Cosmetics in the Ancient World, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 12/11/1989 - 18/04/1990