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The Sassoon Haggadah

The Sassoon Haggadah

The Sassoon Haggadah

Handwritten on parchment; brown ink, tempera, gold and silver leaf; square and semi-cursive Sephardic script and later semi-cursive Provençal and Ashkenazic script

H: 21; W: 16.5 cm

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Jewish Art and Life

From the Middle Ages on, one of the most frequently illustrated Jewish books has been the Haggadah (literally, “telling”), which is read during the Passover ritual meal, the Seder. This important 14th-century Haggadah testifies to the religious and artistic traditions of Sephardi Jews before the expulsion from Spain. Most of its pages are colorfully embellished with illustrations of the text and the holiday’s rituals, along with an imaginative range of grotesques, hybrid creatures, and animals.

From the Israel Museum publications:

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