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Huppah stone (Traustein)

<i>Huppah</i> stone (<i>Traustein</i>)

Huppah stone (Traustein)

Sandstone, carved

H: 45; W: 63 cm

Gift of the Bingen Municipality through the Jewish community of Köln, Germany

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Jewish Art and Life

In keeping with the tradition of German Jews, this huppah stone - a unique surviving example - was set in the northern wall of the synagogue. Bridegrooms would break a glass against such a stone in remembrance of the destruction of the Temple, or in order to dispel evil spirits. The idea of tempering joy with moments of mourning connected to Jewish collective memory is a leitmotif that recurs both in everyday life and on special occasions.

From the Israel Museum publications:

3x50@50: IMJ Collection Highlights, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2015