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Sugar bowl (kase nabat)

Sugar bowl (<i>kase nabat</i>)

Sugar bowl (kase nabat)

Sugar, paper cutouts, cotton thread

H: 40; Diam: 36.5 cm

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Jewish Art and Life

During the betrothal ceremony's festive meal - at which a couple's intention to wed is proclaimed publicly - a special bowl with a large cone of hardened sugar, surrounded by smaller ones, is presented to the groom by the mother of the bride as a sign of her consent to the engagement. This custom symbolically blesses the couple with a life of fertility, purity, and sweetness. Decorated sugar cones are a central element in Jewish and Muslim wedding ceremonies throughout Central Asia and Iran.

From the Israel Museum publications:

Brides and Betrothals: Jewish Wedding Rituals in Afghanistan, Bar'am-Ben Yossef, Noam, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1997/1998