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Your Activity Horizon

Your Activity Horizon

Born Denmark 1967, active Copenhagen and Berlin

Your Activity Horizon

RGB lights, controller

400 x 800 x 800 cm (approx.)

Purchased through the gift of Jill and Jay Bernstein, Old Westbury, NY; Agnes and Edward Lee, London; Shawn and Peter Leibowitz, New York; Linda and Harry Macklowe, New York; The Stanley H. Picker Trust, London; Ann and Steven Ames, New York; Ninah and Michael Lynne, New York;

Susan and Lewis Manilow, Chicago; Lila and Gilbert Silverman, Detroit; Anna Marie and Robert F. Shapiro, New York; Emmy de Toledo and Herman Tob, Antwerp; Ruth Lloyds and William S. Ehrlich, New York; and friends of the Department of Contemporary Art

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Arts/Contemporary Art

Intrigued by the ephemeral and the transient, Olafur Eliasson transforms natural phenomena - light, heat, moisture, fire, water, ice, steam, rainbows - into sculptural installations/environments, while navigating between nature and technology, the organic and the industrial.

His preoccupation with light focuses on dematerialization and models of observation and perception. By introducing the possessive “your” into the title of many of his works, Eliasson emphasizes the degree to which his installations demand active involvement on the part of the viewer. The visitors who step inside become an integral part of the work.

Upon entering Your Activity Horizon - a darkened, empty space - one is surrounded by a thin line of colored light that emanates from a narrow gap in the wall at eye level. The colors of the light change every fifty seconds. The light’s intensity energizes the entire space, with each color imparting a different quality and sensation. The horizon, the subject of numerous theoretical discourses, can be perceived as a visual metaphor for the balance between the human being and the environment. Although our vision is limited by the walls of the space, the luminous flux bestows a sense of limitless possibilities, just as, when looking out to sea, we discern the horizon hovering at an infinite distance.

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