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The Birds’ Head Haggadah

The Birds’ Head Haggadah

The Birds’ Head Haggadah

Handwritten on parchment; dark brown ink and tempera; square Ashkenazic script

H: 27 cm; W: 18.2 cm

The Haggadah was in the possession of Ludwig and Johanna Marum, Karlsruhe, Germany, until the Nazi epoch

Purchased through the gift of Fred Monosson, Boston

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Jewish Art and Life

The name of this early Passover Haggadah derives from its depiction of human figures with pronounced birds’ heads. The enigmatic practice of drawing bird and animal heads in place of human faces is found in other Ashkenazi manuscripts of the 13th and 14th centuries and has been interpreted in various ways.
This is the first illustrated Haggadah known to be produced as an entity separate from the prayer book. It contains depictions with ritual and textual themes: the preparation of matzah and the various blessings over wine and food recited during the Seder; biblical scenes like the gathering of the manna or the giving of the Torah; and messianic images such as the rebuilt Jerusalem.

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