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Dolores (Reclining Study)

Dolores (Reclining Study)

Born USA, active England, 1880–1959

Dolores (Reclining Study)


32.5 x 64 x 28 cm

Gift of Mrs. Arthur E. Laskin to American Friends of the Israel Museum

Jacob Epstein © Tate Gallery, London
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Arts/Modern Art

Epstein cast several bronzes of Dolores, a beautiful and devoted model who sang and danced in a London cabaret. In 1923, he completed a small study of her in the nude, lying on imaginery cushions with an aloof gaze. Dolores's flamboyance attracted Fleet Street, and after her death from cancer her memoirs were published in America.

From the Israel Museum publications:

Kamien-Kazhdan, Adina, Focus on the Collection: Jacob Epstein, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2002


Focus on the Collection: Jacob Epstein, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 23/08/2002 - 28/04/2003

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