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Rayonist Garden: Park

Rayonist Garden: Park

Born Russia, active Russia and France, 1881–1962

Rayonist Garden: Park

Oil on canvas

140.6 x 87.3 cm

The Sam and Ayala Zacks Collection in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, on permanent loan from the Art Gallery of Ontario

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Arts/Modern Art

Goncharova, together with her husband, the painter Mikhail Larinov, pioneered the Russian Rayonist movement. Using bold colors, they focused on the ways that rays of light reflect off different objects. In Rayonist Garden: Park, the presence of a rainbow underscores this interest in light. The Russian word for “river” appears prominently in Cyrillic characters, punctuating the artist’s vision of a park, along with the landscape elements of sky, water, and foliage.

From the Israel Museum publications:

Kamien-Kazhdan, Adina (ed.), Modernism in Dialogue: 20th-Century Painting and Sculpture in the Israel Museum, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2010

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