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Monument to William Blake

Monument to William Blake

Born USA, active England, 1880–1959

Monument to William Blake


54 x 67 x 37 cm

Gift of the Jacob Epstein Estate

Jacob Epstein © Tate Gallery, London
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Arts/Modern Art

In 1956, the Blake Society for Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey commissioned Epstein to create a portrait of the English poet, artist, and mystic (1757-1827), who had died over one hundred years earlier. Working from portraits, sketches, and photographs of the lifemasks in England's National Portrait Gallery, Epstein created a menacing image of the genius.

From the Israel Museum publications:

Kamien-Kazhdan, Adina, Focus on the Collection: Jacob Epstein, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2002


Focus on the Collection: Jacob Epstein, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 23/08/2002 - 28/04/2003

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