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Large jars

Large jars

Large jars

Soft limestone

Israel Antiquities Authority

I.2222, 1931.175, 1991-461, 1992-844, 1999-3982

Archaeology/Hellenistic, Roman & Byzantine Periods

The numerous large barrel- and goblet-shaped vessels that were discovered in Jerusalem are among the most impressive examples of Jewish stoneware from the Second Temple Period. They were shaped on lathes, each one from a single block of stone. The New Testament tells of stone jars, apparently of this type, that were used “for the Jewish rites of purification” (John 2:6).

From the Israel Museum publications:

Israeli, Yael, and Mevorach, David, Cradle of Christianity, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2000, English / Hebrew


Cradle of Christianity, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 28/03/2000 - 30/01/2001

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