Family Activities
Triple Tuesday
Leaf Trouble One subject, one ticket, two activities
5 pm Interactive story time at the Illustration Library
4-7 pm Art activity in the Recycling Workshop
Location: Ruth Youth Wing
Hours: 16:00-19:00
Age: 3-6
Price:: IS 25
Language: Hebrew
Family Activities
Time Travel: The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Animation film by Uri Wiessler In the Shrine of the Book Auditorium, in Hebrew with English subtitles, 20 mins
Location: Shrine of the Book Auditorium
Hours: 16:30
Age: 6+
Language: Hebrew
Comments: English subtitles
Guided Tours
Highlights in the Museum
Location: Unspecified
Hours: 17:00
Language: Hebrew
Guided Tours
Creative Paths: a thematic selection
Location: Unspecified
Hours: 17:00
Language: English
Gallery Talks
The Artists and the Studio
With Shlomit Steinberg, exhibition curator
Location: Meet at the exhibition
Hours: 19:00
Language: Hebrew
Special Events
Hidden Power in African Art
Enchanted Africa A multidisciplinary encounter in conjunction with the exhibition 'Hidden Power in African Art'
Dr. Uri Schwartzman, psychologist and author
Boaz Bismuth, journalist and former Ambassador to Mauritania
Dr. Moshe Morad, ethnomusicologist
Meseret Woldemichael, Master Chef finalist, born in Addis Ababa

Moderated by Dorit Shafir, curator of the exhibition
Location: Unspecified
Hours: 20:00
Language: Hebrew
For more details: 02-6708813