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Special Events
Authors Talking Art: The Writers Festival at the Israel Museum
Artist Couples: Yaara Shehori and Guy Ben-Ner, The Lives of Others

A conversation with the couple Yaara Shehori, a novelist and an editor, and Guy Ben-Ner, a video artist whose works are included in the collection of the Israel Museum. The two will talk about mutual influences and meeting points between the two media, as well as the dialogue between the written text and the image, embodied in each medium.

The conversation will be accompanied by a screening of excerpts from Ben-Ner’s videos.

Moderator: Dr. Amitai Mendelsohn, curator of Israeli Art

The event is held as part of the Writers Festival’s Creative Couples series


Meeting Place: Patrons Lounge
Hours: 11:00-12:00
Price:: IS 75 | Members IS 65
Language: Hebrew
Meet at the main entrance. Please come 15 min early
Call: 02-6771300
Tuesday meetings about Museum Exhibitions
New Types
The Books, Covers, Letters, and Symbols that Constitute the Hebrew Environment in which We Live
With Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld, the Hebrew University
Prof. Adi Stern, Bezalel Academy
exhibition curator Ada Wardi
Meeting Place: Meet at the exhibition
Hours: 18:00
Language: Hebrew
Tuesday meetings about Museum Exhibitions
Pharaoh in Canaan
For Better or for Worse: 400 years of Pharaonic Rule in Canaan With Dr. Eran Arie, co-curator of the exhibition
Israel-Egypt Relations: And the Land Was Peaceful for 40 Years? With Jacky Hugi, Arab affairs analyst, Galei Zahal
The Tarab Prince Ziv Yehezkel in a performance of Arab music adapted for the contemporary era
Meeting Place: Unspecified
Hours: 19:00
Price:: IS 75 | Members IS 65
Language: Hebrew
Call: 02-6771300