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Special Events
"The Hearing" by Renana Raz
In 2014 a drama shook the Israeli public when Adam Warta – a teacher of Jewish Thought in an Israeli high school – was called for a dismissal hearing after one of his students, Sapir Sabah, wrote a letter of complaint to the Ministry of Education, accusing Warta of expressing extreme leftist opinions against the state. In The Hearing, the audience is presented a new perspective on the proceedings, as four actors recite statements in different voices and versions. This distilled act of listening disassociates the words from their immediate contexts, and illuminates their complex layers of meaning.
Meeting Place: Israel Museum Library
Hours: 20:00
Price:: IS 95 | IS 80 for members, students, and senior citizen's card holders
Language: Hebrew
The First Accused
Experimental performance by choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist Sahar Azimi International Premiere, sponsored by the Nathan Cummings Foundation
Meeting Place: Unspecified
Hours: 19:15
Price:: IS 65 | IS 55 for members, students and holders of senior citizen's card
Language: Hebrew
Ron Amir: Doing Time in Holot - Yaakov Shofar: Born in Israel
Seeing the Suffering of Others: Photography in Israeli Society
Noam Gal – on the role of exhibition curator
Ya'akov Shofar and Ron Amir – photographic artists
Muazzam Ali – photographic subject
Gal Gabay – on journalism and social photography
Meeting Place: Meet at the exhibition
Hours: 19:00
Language: Hebrew
Venetian Splendor: Marking 500 Years of the Venice Ghetto
The Venice Ghetto: Growth in Times of Struggle
Dispaly curator Gioia Perugia Sztulman and Prof. Sergio de la Pergola will discuss the juxtaposition of the cultural and artistic growth in the Ghetto alongside the complexities and challenges of daily life.
Meeting Place: Meet at the exhibition
Hours: 19:00
Language: Hebrew