Programs and Events
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Special Events
Passover at The Museum
Going on a Creative Journey In conjunction with the new 'Journeys' exhibition
Design your own travel bag
Make a papyrus travelog
Prepare provisions for the road

12:00 Come into the Illustration Library  for a Story Hour

Souvenirs from the journey, every hour, at the Recycling Workshop
Location: Ruth Youth Wing
Hours: 10:00-15:00
Age: 5 - 12
Price:: IS 15 for one workshop IS 25 for three IS 15 Story Hour IS 15 Recycling Workshop
Language: Hebrew
On Games and Toys
An evening to mark the opening to the public of the Youth Wing's collections
Lectures on collectors and childhood keepsakes, and discussion on collecting enthusiasts with illustrator and collector Zeev Engelmayer and guests.
Tours in the collection rooms and in the exhibition 'What a Small World'
Location: Ruth Youth Wing Auditorium
Hours: 19:00
Language: Hebrew
Registration in advance
Call: 02-6771302
Face to Face: The Oldest Masks in the World
A Morning of Masks
11 am Unmasked Masks - Exhibition curator Dr. Debby Hershman and Prof. Yuval Goren decode the secrets of the Neolithic masks.
12 pm Gate of the Spirits: The Masks Perform - Prof. Ati Citron discusses ritual dances from around the world, accompanied by video documentation from Bali and Papua New Ginea
Location: Springer Auditorium
Hours: 11:00-13:00
Language: Hebrew