Programs and Events
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Guided Tours
Highlights in the Museum
Meeting Place: At the Upper Information Desk
Hours: 11:00
Language: French
Family Activities
Time Travel: The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Join Alma on a journey through time to discover the incredible story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Animation film
Location: Shrine of the Book Auditorium
Hours: 15:30
Language: Hebrew
Special Events
On Games and Toys
An evening to mark the opening to the public of the Youth Wing's collections
Lectures on collectors and childhood keepsakes, and discussion on collecting enthusiasts with illustrator and collector Zeev Engelmayer and guests.
Tours in the collection rooms and in the exhibition 'What a Small World'
Location: Ruth Youth Wing Auditorium
Hours: 19:00
Language: Hebrew
Registration in advance
Call: 02-6771302