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Contact Point: A Night at the Museum
A frenzied night of art and people at the Israel Museum

Contact Point 2015 is one of the high points of the Israel Museum's jubilee celebrations. To mark the occasion, we are dedicating some specially created works as our birthday gift to the museum. Among the many offerings throughout the night, you can observe the museum's historic collection of catalogues as it transforms, in front of your very own eyes and in your own hands, into a new artwork, visit the exhibition Exhibitions that Never Were, take part in an auction of items from 1965 and explore Fifty Perspectives >> — a specially commissioned one-night-only exhibition.
And this is just the beginning. A stroll through the museums' hallways will reveal how the statue of Nimrod has gained new progeny from unexpected sources and how a new city has has been built in the Art Garden. You can dance, run, catch a debut performance of drummer Zohar Fresco or wander through the Archeological Wing with an invisible guide from a hostile country. But this is just a taste, we don't want to spoil the fun...

Meeting Place: Throughout the Museum campus and Art Garden
Hours: 21:00
Language: Hebrew