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The Big Summer Happening
August 15, 2016

The Big Summer Happening is Back!

Following the musical performances in the Art Garden, the huge rope maze and the summer activities which drew multitudes, the Israel Museum prepares a celebration that will mark the peak of its summer activities - The Big Summer Happening. This year The Happening will focus on the exhibition Wire(less) Connections, currently at the Youth Wing. 

Come and enjoy theatrical and musical performances, workshops, magicians, games and other surprises - all on the theme of the different links and ties that strings and ropes create in our lives - free for children, no added fee for adults. 
  • Long, Short and Twisted - Kum-Kum Theatre actors tell stories with dolls, different objects, and ropes
  • Sculpting with Colorful Thread - creative workshops guided by the Youth Wing artists
  • The Miller's DaughterPuppet show, Bambola Theater's Puppet Show
  • Interconnected Songs The Thread of Time Trio in a string of songs, Light Motives, Yifah Mivtach-Greenvald, Itzik Greenvald-Mivtach and Nadav Miyara
Long, Short and Twisted - Kum-Kum Theatre 

Long, Short and Twisted - Kum-Kum Theatre actors tell stories with dolls, different objects, and ropes

  • Magical Chords - Musician Oded Naftali plays music on string instruments from around the world
  • Stopping a Plane with a Spider's Web - Dr. Itai Opatovsky talks about different kinds of cobwebs
  • Drawing on a Rope - Gabriel Raanan draws while walking on a  tightrope
  • Walking the Fine Line the Govatron Troupe in a balancing act
  • Playing with Strings - skip rope, jump a rubber band and toss a yoyo
  • Magic Show - with Ziggy the Magician works miracles with threads and strings
  • Grand Finale - Wire(less) Connections in outdoor cinema with Alon Gur-Arye  
August 23, 5 pm - 9 pm
Free entrance for children 

Klezmer in the Gallery

Klezmer in the Gallery  |  Photo (C) Eli Posner

Klezmer in the Gallery

Wed August 17
How does the Shtetl tie in with Assem Abu Shakra? What does Klezmer music sound like in an Indian synagogue? The Israel Museum hosts the International Klezmer Festival again, for one day of special encounters between the world of international music and the Jewish Shtetl. Israeli and international Klezmer musicians will offer moving performances of authentic Klezmer music with jazz, rock, ethnic and classical music.

The Jewish soul music performances will be open to the public in the Art Wing galleries (11 am - 2 pm), and later on again in the Jewish Art and Life galleries and in the Synagogue Route (2:00 pm - 4:30 pm).

Klezmer performances will take place in the Springer Auditorium in the afternoon and evening:

4.30 pm - Master class with international teachers
7 pm - Classical, Klezmer and Gypsy
9 pm - Classical, Klezmer and Tango

No added charge for performances in the galleries 
Tickets to Auditorium performances (include entrance to the Museum). Members' discounts and for more than one performance

For further details: 02 - 6708895/6
NABA 2.0

NABA 2.0 | Photo (C) Benny Maor

NABA 2.0

August | Mon 22, 29, Wed 17, 24 | 11 am
An original interactive performance by the Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group, where everyone chooses his or her own soundtrack and watches the dancers interact with the artworks in surprising ways.

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Members Benefits

Raichel - Piano and songs
Idan Raichel in a solo performance with the most beautiful songs from his albums

Jerusalem Theatre, September 13, 14 | 9 pm
Museum members discount - IS 150 instead of IS 205
For tickets call *6226, code 150

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Gallery Talks

Tues 16.8 7 pm
Wire(less) Connections
with exhibition curator Daniella Shalev

Wed 17.8 12 pm
Pharaoh in Canaan
with exhibition curator Daphna Ben-Tor*

Wed 17.8 7 pm
Limor Tamir and Yaniv Amar's installation at 45 Hanevi'im Street

Wed 24.8 12 pm
Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration
with exhibition curator Tanya Sirakovich

Tues 30.8 7 pm
The Distance of a Day
with assistant curator Orly Rabi

Wed 31.8 12 pm
Allure of the Sphinx
with exhibition curator Shlomit Steinberg

Wed 31.8 7 pm
The Feminine Sphere
with Tali Milstein, Noa Shkedi, Ester Tsalisher, Nirit Takele, and Samah Shihadi, at Ticho House

*Register in advance at tel. 677-1302

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The Museum keeps its doors open with the help of its Guardian friends: August 21–27 Dorothea Gould Estate

Free entrance for children
All of August
Courtesy of Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum David and Inez Myers 
Cleveland, Ohio

Free entrance for soldiers doing compulsory military service and for those doing National Service, courtesy of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum

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Top Photo: Eli Posner