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Pharaoh In the Museum
April 15, 2016

Pharaoh in the Museum

Race for the Treasure – Prize-awarding adventure for the whole family
Intermediate days of Passover

The galleries set the scene as everyone tries to solve Pharaoh's challenge. The whole family is invited to join in the fun! The quiz will set the players off on a journey through time  – to the days of Canaan and other periods. Competitors take on a series of challenges – decoding tasks, riddles that entail observation, creativity, imagination, as well as deciphering code. 

Prizes await those who solve the riddle!

Race to the Treasure sets off twice a day |  April 24-27
10:30 am, 11:30 pm | 15 NIS per family
Art workshops inspired by ancient Egypt: create Egyptian necklaces in the Recycling Room, and Story Time for Tots.
| 15 NIS per activity |
Free entrance to children during Passover

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Pharaoh and His Army Drowning in the Sea

Pharoah and His Army Drown in the Sea, Iran, Isfahan, Qajar style, 19th century

Musa In Egypt: Islamic Depictions of the Prophet Moses

"Then Pharaoh called angrily to Musa and said: 'But what is the proof to your claim that Allah is with you!?' So Musa said: 'Not one miracle will I perform in front of you and not one proof will I give you, but many a great feats and signs [do] I carry with me.' And even as he spoke he threw down the red rod which he held, and it turned into a fearsome huge snake." (from: Joseph Meyuhas, Children of Arabia, Legends of the Pentateuch, Legends of the Prophets, Tel Aviv, 1970).

Thus opens an ancient Islamic legend, clearly reflecting Moses's (Musa) depiction in Islamic tradition: in the Qur'an, the legends and stories - as well as in illustrations and drawings. Unlike Judaism, which emphasizes Moses's national mission as the liberator of the Israelites from Egypt and the person who gave them the Torah, Islam focuses on Moses's faith in God, prophetic mission and his struggle against the infidels.

"The majority of paintings depicting Moses, show him confronting the infidels: Moses before Pharaoh and the magicians of Egypt, Moses facing Korach and Moses struggling with [the giant] Og," says Na'ama Brosh, curator of the exhibition Musa in Egypt: Islamic Depictions of the Prophet Moses. "In all the images the miracle – always performed with the prophet's rod - serves as proof of the veracity of Moses's prophecy. In the Qur'an and in legends the rod turns into a serpent, whereas in the paintings it turns into a dragon – so much more threatening."
 Moses Rod Changes into a Dragon and Threatens Pharaoh

Moses' Rod Changes into a Dragon and Threatens Pharaoh, Khartoum, Egypt Iran, Isfahan, Qajar style, 19th century

Many Bible stories appear in the Qur'an, in various versions, but never accompanied by illustrations; these started appearing in the 14th century, in historical books ordered by rulers who wished to glorify their names. Images were also included in the biographies of the prophets, mystical and didactic religious texts.

Exhibition opening April 20. 
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Yehudit Ravitz and  Live Summer Performances

Photo: Nir Segal

LIVE at the Museum: July 11– 14

The hottest musical performances of summer 2016 – Special Summer Open-Air Concerts in the Art Garden

The top performances with a take-your-breath-away view: Yehudit Ravitz hosts Shalom Hanoch; Aviv Geffen and Eviatar Banai in a joint performance: "The Sky is Above Me"; Berry Sakharof in a show launching his new album "Collections"; 7 grand pianos with Gil Shohat, Matti Caspi, Rami Kleinstein, Marina Maximilian-Blumin, Shlomo Gronich, and more.

Special for the month of April
Advanced purchase of  tickets for only 120 NIS instead of 150 NIS

Be sure to reserve seats at Tel: 02 677-1300 or the Museum's website »
Sphinx of Thutmose lll, Egypt, 15th century BCE

Sphinx of Thutmose III, from Pharoah in Canaan The Untold Story, Egypt, 15th century BCE, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photo © The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image Source: Art Resource, NY 

Museum  Mondays...

The Egyptian Season, Mondays at 6 pm

Together with Pharaoh in Canaan:The Untold Story, additional exhibitions present different aspects of Egyptian culture and its relations with Jewish tradition. Five fascinating talks will accompany the exhibitions during the month of May.

The first two meetings:
My Egypt with Smadar Perry. May 2 
A Journey Through the Nile Delta with Benny Ziffer. May 9​

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Members Benefits

The play The King David Report, the Gesher Theater
A play by Roee Chen adapted from Stefan Heym's novel.
Price for Members: 110 NIS (full price 250 NIS)
To order tickets please call,  Tel: 03 515-7000 | Code: 106
Valid until May 5, 2016.

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Gallery Talks

Second Exodus with exhibition curator Rachel Sarfati
Apr 20 | 12 pm
April 23–30 (until 18). Free entrance for children courtesy of Sandy Batkin in memory of his wife, Ruth Batkin.
Apr 28 Free entrance for all courtesy of the Crown Family.

Tues and Sat, Courtesy of Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum and David and Inez Myers, Cleveland, Ohio

Free entrance for soldiers doing compulsory military service and for those doing National Service, courtesy of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum

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