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View of the exhibition Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration
July 15, 2016

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Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.

In 1934, as part of a series of prints ordered by the art dealer Ambroise Vollard, Picasso made the four prints entitled Blind Minotaur Guided by a Girl at Night. The minotaur - half-man-half-bull -  the artist’s alter ego – is being lead  by a little girl with the face of Picasso's lover at the time - 24 year old Marie-Therese. The 53 year old artist was torn between his unhappy marriage to the mother of his son, and his relationship with his young lover.

"Picasso's complicated relationships with the many women in his life were a major theme in his work," says exhibition curator Tanya Sirakovich. "The exhibition reveals the evolution of his interpretation of these relationships over 70 years of creative work - as well as to other subjects that preoccupied him, such as Women; Artist, Studio, and Model; Minotaur; and Bullfighting. His work shows his artistic development, virtuosity, overflowing creativity and innovativeness – all of which combined to turn Picasso into the most influential of European artists in the 20th century."
View of the exhibition Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration

View of the exhibition Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration | Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem | Eli Posner

The exhibition Pablo Picasso: Drawing Inspiration offers a broad and comprehensive view of his oeuvre through hundreds of works from The Museum collection, complemented by notable loans from major museums worldwide. The exhibition focuses on the prints and drawings that reveal his constant draw to these mediums and attest to his phenomenal technical skill and versatility in his use of them. Prints from the Vollard series, one of the most important print series of modern times, are exhibited here for the first time.

“The works, organized chronologically, illustrate Picasso’s ability to juggle between a variety of styles”, says Sirakovitch. “from the Blue and Rose Periods to Cubism; from Neoclassicism to Surrealism; from a vivid naturalism to distorted and abstracted forms”.

Picasso’s creative drive did not diminish with his age. The exhibition includes a selection of prints from Suite 347, made when the artist was 86, over seven work months – that offer a peek into the artist’s stream of consciousness. “More than all the rests, Suite 347 reveals his insatiable lust for life, and his attempt to challenge his transience and ephemerality”, says Sirakovich.  

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Zina Dizengoff Circle, by architect Genia Averbuch

Zina Dizengoff Circle, by architect Genia Averbuch |  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

Social Construction 
Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine

A journey in time to the period when a person's home in Israel’s main cities was regarded as public - and the public sphere was seen as the belonging to each citizen. Around a hundred photographs and original architectural drawings from the 1930s illustrate how the encounter between the Socialist values of the nascent state and modern International Style formulated an original architectural language.

The result, as reflected in the Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem cityscapes, had its expression in rooftops teeming with activity, balconies which extended the residents’ living space from their lounge right into the street and a merger of public street life and private courtyards. “For a short moment in history, the Hebrew city embodies a particular modern architectural style, which evolved into the style that was identified with the nation’s building and the settlement of the land”, says exhibition curator, Oren Sagiv. “This perspective clarifies the changes that took place in our society over these decades, which are still reflected in the landscape of our cities today”.

The exhibition is based on the publication Architecture in Palestine during the British mandate, 1917-1948 by Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price, the product of a 25 year long architectural research conducted by the authors.

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Roni Fahima, from  Yakinton: A Story of Friendship and Song

Roni Fahima, from Yakinton: A Story of Friendship and Song

Illustration, That’s the Whole Story

Meetings with the winners of the Israel Museum - Ben-Yitzhak Award for the Illustration of a Children’s Book, 2016

July 19
Author Shoham Smith and illustrator Roni Fahima on
Yakinton: A Story of Friendship and Song

Ages 3 - 9

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Sigal Cuchacovich, Spiders (detail)

Sigal Cuchacovich, Spiders (detail)

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