The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Christian Schad, Sonja, (detail) 1928
May 16, 2016

Tuesday Meetings

One-time meetings about Museum exhibitions
Participants in the meetings include curators, academics, journalists, and creators who bring their own different points of view – sociological, political, and cultural – about the main exhibitions in the Museum. 

Meeting about the exhibition
Twilight on Berlin: Masterworks from the Nationalgalerie, 1905–1945

  • Tour of the Exhibition with Dr. Adina Kamien-Kazhdan,curator of the exhibition.
  • Weimar on the Banks of the Yarkon: Germany Through the Eyes of Lea Goldberg and David Avidan with Haaretz journalist Avner Shapira. 
  • Twilight Zones: Berlin in German Cinema Before the Rise of Nazism with Dr. Ofer Ashkenazi, Minerva Center for German History, the Hebrew University. 
  • "The Hazelnuts" in a performance. 
May 17 | 7 pm
75 NIS | 65 NIS for Members
Springer Auditorium

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Meeting about the exhibition
New Types: Three Pioneers of Hebrew Graphic Design

The Books, Covers, Letters, and Symbols that Constitute the Hebrew Environment in which We Live with Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld, The Hebrew University, Prof. Adi Stern, Bezalel Academy, and exhibition curator Ada Wardi.

May 31 | 6 pm
In the exhibition | No extra charge

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From the exhibition Pharoah in Canaan: The Untold Story.

Meeting on the exhibition
Pharoah in Canaan: The Untold Story

  • For Better or Worse: 400 years of Pharaonic Rule in Canaan with Dr. Eran Arie, co-curator of the exhibition.
  • Israel-Egypt Relations: And the Land Was Peaceful for 40 Years? with Jacky Hugi, Arab affairs analyst, Galei Zahal.
  • The Tarab Prince: Ziv Yehezkel in a new performance of Arab music adapted for the contemporary era.

Jun 21 | 7 pm
75 NIS | 65 NIS for Members
Springer Auditorium

*Visitors may enter the Museum from 4 pm

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Image above: Inlay plaque depicting a Canaanite ruler, Megiddo, 13th-12th century BCE, ivory
Collection of Israel Antiquities Authority, Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Abraham Hay

Eviatar Banai and Aviv Geffen

Yehudit Ravitz Hosts Shalom Hanoch (Photo: Nir Segal)

LIVE at the Museum: July 11– 14

The hottest musical performances of summer 2016 
Open-air concerts in the Art Garden

The best performances with the best view: Yehudit Ravitz hosts Shalom Hanoch; Aviv Geffen and Eviatar Banai perform together "The Sky is Above Me;" Berry Sakharof in a show launching his new album "Collections;" "7 Grand Pianos" with Gil Shohat, Matti Caspi, Rami Kleinstein, Marina Maximilian, Shlomo Gronich, and more.

150 NIS | 135 NIS for Members, students, and soldiers

Be sure to reserve seats at Tel: 02 677-1300

Canaanite amulet of a schematic nude goddess in Egyptian style​

Canaanite amulet of a schematic nude goddess in Egyptian style​.

Museum Mondays ...

Egyptian Season, May Mondays, 6 pm

Complementing Pharaoh in Canaan: the Untold Story, the Museum presents auxiliary exhibitions dealing with different aspects of Egyptian cultural images. Special meetings during May inspired by the exhibitions.

May 16
The Mummy 
– The secrets of embalming with Galit Bennett-Dahan
The Gods of Canaan in the Nile Valley with Dr. Daphna Ben-Tor

May 23
The Old Middle East: Canaanite Politics in the El-Amarna Letters 
with Dr. Eran Arie 
The Biblical Femme Fatale with Shlomit Steinberg

May 30
They Left With(out) Great Possessions with Itamar Levine 
Through Trials and Tribulations with Rachel Sarfati

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To register call 02 670-8823 or 02 677-1373

Prof. Michal Govrin The Jerusalem Writers Festival

Prof. Michal Govrin. Taking off on a journey from Twilight on Berlin | Photo: Noam Warshavsky

The Jerusalem Writer's Festival Hosted by the Israel Museum 

Writers Talking Art

Museum curators and writers discuss artistic-literary influences, loves, and connections. Participants: Prof. Michal Govrin, writer and director, takes off on a journey from Twilight on Berlin; the writer, intellectual, and art critic, Leonid Pekarovsky,  speaks about the German artist Albrecht Dürer as an influence on his writings; the couple – poet Yaara Shehori and video artist Guy Ben-Ner –  on mutual influences and on meeting points between art and literature.
May 25 – 28 
65 NIS per meeting | 55 NIS for Members 
Space is limited

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Members Benefits

Neighboring Sounds
A concert series performed by outstanding students from the nearby Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Fri | May 20 |12:30 pm  Free of charge
Springer Auditorium

The Israel Festival 24.5-11.6.2016
Israel Museum Members receive a 20% discount when purchasing tickets to the finest performances of the Israel Festival – theater, dance, musical performances by Israeli artists and from around the world.
To purchase tickets call Tel: *6226 (Code: 3010)

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Jerusalem Writer's Festival
20% discount for Museum Members for Festival tickets (code 2020).
Please show your valid Museum Membership card when collecting tickets.

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Gallery Talks

The Distance of a Day with exhibition curator Rita Kersting. In English
May 17 | 6 pm | Tues

Pharaoh in Canaan with exhibition co-curator Dr. Eran Arie.
May 17 | 7 pm | Tues*
Jun 1 | 12 pm | Wed*

Hadrian with exhibition co-curator Dudi Mevorah.
May 18 | 12 pm | Wed*

Hadrian with exhibition co-curator Rachel Caine Kreinin.
May 31 | 7 pm | Tues*

Pharaoh in Canaan with exhibition co-curator Dr. Eran Arie.  In English
May 24 | 6 pm | Tues*

Efrat Natan: Whitewash and Tar 
with exhibition curator Aya Miron
May 24 | 7 pm | Tues

Modernism in American Photography
with curator Noam Gal
May 25 | 12 pm | Wed

The Allure of the Sphinx
with exhibition curator Shlomit Steinberg. In English
May 31 | 6 pm | Tues
*Pre-registration required at Tel: 02 677-1302

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May is sponsored by Geri and Lester Pollack

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Free entrance for soldiers doing compulsory military service and for those doing National Service, courtesy of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum

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