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 Opening Hours for the Jewish Holidays in Tishrei /Sept—Oct
Free Entrance for Children During Sukkot


Re-opened Ticho House interior
Photo: Adi Shalmon

The Art of Conservation

At the end of a long and extensive conservation process:
Ticho House reopens to the public.

Ticho House, one of the most-beloved cultural centers in Jerusalem, reopens after a year of conservation work and renovations. The ground floor rooms, which had previously served as a restaurant, are now converted to galleries. They combine the splendor of rooms built 150 years ago with modern museum infrastructure. The upper floor, soon to include a new restaurant, now reveals the beautiful ceiling decorations which underwent conservation during the course of the work.
Re-opened Ticho House interior
Nira Pereg, Claire 2014

The ground floor galleries will exhibit various temporary exhibitions, exhibitions from among Anna Ticho's works, and a permanent exhibition relaying stories about the building and its special residents.
"Renovating the house took into account the many archaeological historic periods of the 150-year-old house, while at the same time renovating and significantly updating the infrastructure," says Timna Seliegman, Ticho House curator. "From an art perspective, since the painter Anna Ticho lived and worked here, it is important for us to emphasize significant women's art achievements. Therefore, we are commencing with an exhibition by Nira Pereg, one of the most visible women artists in Israel."
The Right To Clean, Nira Pereg's exhibition, is comprised of photographs taken over the course of five years in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, one of Christianity's holiest sites. She observes the believers' activities there, and focuses on the cusp between holiness and faith on the one hand, and repetitive actions of manual labor on the other.

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Kite-Flying Festival with Ahava by Robert Indiana
Photo: Barak Aharon

Sukkot for the Entire Family

Colorful celebration of creativity and enjoyment
The 30th Kite-Flying Festival — A Birthday in the Sky:
It's a well-established fact: children that once launched their kites into the Israel Museum's skies now return with their own children to re-experience 'coloring' the skies.
The 30th Kite-Flying Festival includes kite-making workshops  (30-40 IS), meeting with professional kite-flyers and, of course, flying giant kites which will fill the Art Garden's skies with their shapes and brilliant colors (weather permitting).
Sept 29 |10:30 am – 7 pm.
No additional charge.
Kite-Flying Festival with Ahava by Robert Indiana
Photo: Beni Maor

Courtyard Party: Tons of activities and experiences mark the Sukkot holiday and the 50th anniversary of the Museum. 
Workshops include: 
Decorating Birthday Cakes  Personalizing Your Birthday Candle, Designing Wrapping-Paper, and a Birthday Chair for Making Wishes.

Recycling Workshop: Custom-make sukkah decorations
Sept 29 – Oct 1 | 10 am – 5 pm | For ages 3-9 | 20 IS

Story Time in the Illustration Library: Every Day a Holiday (in Hebrew)
Storyteller Shlomit Dvir shares stories and songs about birthdays and holidays.
Programs sponsored by Anthony and Vanessa Beyer in honor of their children Alexander and Nikolaus Mandel Beyer
Tues, Thurs | 30.9, 1.10 | 11:30 pm | IS 20

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Wall Clock

Aluminum Wall Clock — March of Progress

Celebrating with Sales in Museum Shops

Purchase Holiday Gifts in the Israel Museum Shops:
A range of unique products produced in honor of the Museum's 50th Anniversary year are available with special discounts: a 1+1 sale on shirts, bookends and candle holders; 3 selected catalogues now for 99 IS; and also: bags, wallets, clocks, and more. 

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Tues and Sat for children, Courtesy of Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum and David and Inez Myers, Cleveland, Ohio

Free entrance for soldiers doing compulsory military service and for those doing National Service, courtesy of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum
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