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The Rock Group Mashina
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July 16, 2015

The fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Museum continue with live performances from the top musicians in the Sculpture Garden — between the magnificent sculptures, under the glowing stars, and nestled within the city heights. The Museum presents a Summer Festival of concerts especially produced  for the Museum against the most beautiful stage-sets in the country: Mashina, Rita, the Israel Opera with Achinoam Nini (Noa), David Broza and the Andalusian Orchestra, and David Da'or with the world's best Klezmer musicians.
You are invited to join us celebrating with musical, festive, and magical summer evenings.

Mashina: The First 30 Years

Selected as Israel's most-loved rock group, Mashina appears in a special celebratory performance. The band began performing when the Israel Museum celebrated its 20th anniversary; as the Museum celebrates its 50th birthday, they mark 30 years of music with their many fans which, by now are, masses of Israelis. 
July 27 | 9 pm.
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The Israeli Opera hosts Achinoam Nini

Achinoam Nini and soloists of the Israeli Opera perform special renditions of arias from beloved operas, classics of musical theatre, and additional  surprises. Accompanied by the Israel Philharmonic Symphony Rishon Letzion.
July 29 | 9 pm
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Rita: Great Love

Special Appearance for T"u B'Av
An exciting, summer performance full of love and joy including her greatest hits, beloved, and familiar classics.
July 30 | 9 pm
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Klezmer Around the World

60 Klezmer Musicians in a Global Concert. Guest: David Da'or
Klezmer musicians from all over the world (Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Moldova, Croatia, USA, Uruguay, and Israel) combine the world of nigun melodies and shtetl courtyards with a range of cultures and musical styles. David Da'or will join them with new and exciting arrangements to familiar songs.
Artistic director: Hanan Bar-Sela.  
August 3 | 9 pm
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Illustration of Guitarist by Michel Kichka
Illustration: Michel Kichka

An Andalusian Love Song

David Broza and the Ashkelon Andalusian Orchestra
An Andalusian Love Song will close the Sculpture Garden concert series, the results of collaboration between David Broza and the Ashkelon Andalusian Orchestra. They present a musical and cultural connection which joins the creations of Broza, influenced by Spanish music, with the rich musical traditions of the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia).
"The performance is comprised of Broza's hits—such as Bedouin Love Song, Mi Nina Se Fue La Mar (Banahar Shel Sevilla), Yihye Tov (It's Going to be Good), Under the Sky, and Hisha Sheiti — in new arrangements that combine pleasant melodies and works of Arab North African classics," says Tom Cohen, the head conductor and artistic director of the Ashkelon Andalusian Orchestra. Mira Awad and the Jewish-Arab YMCA Youth Chorus of Jerusalem also participate.
August 4 | 9 pm
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Contact Point is Back!

Save the date: Thurs | Aug 6, 2015
Free for Members
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Member's Circle

Rembrandt's Jerusalem
A special lecture for Members: A new look at Jerusalem through the eyes of this acclaimed artist who never visited it. Lecture by exhibition curator Shlomit Steinberg, Rembrandt from Amsterdam and Jerusalem

July 21  | Tues  | 6 pm

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Summer Offer—Bring a Friend!
Purchase a Museum membership for a friend at a 10% discount and receive an extra month free of charge on your own membership.
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Gallery Talks

Israeli Art: The Renewed Collection Galleries
With exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn
July 21 | 6 pm | Tues | In English

Together Again
With exhibition curator Anna Nizza Caplan
July 21 | 7 pm | Tues

Rembrandt from Amsterdam and Jerusalem
With exhibition curator Shlomit Steinberg
July 22 | 12 pm | Wed

Aristocratic Taste
With an exhibition co-curator Silvia Rozenberg
July 28 | 7 pm | Tues

A Brief History of Humankind
With exhibition curators Tania Coen-Uzielli and Efrat Aharon
July 29 | 12 pm | Wed
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Fridays at the Museum

Once a month, on Friday mornings, meetings at the Museum with the best of lecturers on a range of subjects in art fields and culture: modern and contemporary art, classical music and world music, Chineses art and culture, ancient Egypt, drawing, painting, and more. (Sessions held in Hebrew).
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Creating Bridges in the Museum

Educators, artists, curators, and museum directors from 17 countries participated in the Israel Museum's conference "Building Bridges." The large audience discussed ways to connect between museums and broad audiences in the 21st century.
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Photo: Barak Aharon
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