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Dear Visitors,

Our landmark exhibition Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey continue to draw enthusiastic audiences – with 300,000 visitors thus far. Color Gone Wild: Fauve and Expressionist Masterpieces from the Merzbacher Collection continues its successful presentation, recalling the record-breaking 1998 exhibition that marked the public debut of this important collection of early modern art and showcasing works acquired since that time. Also among our current highlights, Christian Marclay's The Clock has returned for a second showing, following its acclaimed premiere at the Museum in 2011, and will be on view through October 19, including a 24-hour screening on September 24-25.

We wish you and your families a Shana Tova, and we thank you for your continued participation and support.

James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director

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  Iris Tutnauer, Torah shield, 2011, Silver, brushed
Collection of Kehillat Ramot Zion, Jerusalem, in memory of Rabbi Moshe Tutnauer

Pointing the Way: Women Design Ceremonial Objects
From September 2

This exhibition includes ceremonial objects which decorate the Torah by contemporary Israeli women designers: silversmiths Sari Srulovitch and Iris Tutnauer, and fashion designer Galya Rosenfeld.
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  Isidoro Grunhut, Little Girl Sitting on a Bear Rug, 1889
Oil on canvas

Making an Entrance: Jewish Artists in 19th-Century Europe
From September 11

Jewish artists of the 19th century sought to reconcile their Jewish values with classical themes in art like nudity and Christian motifs. See works by such artists as Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, Isidor Kaufmann, Maurycy Gottlieb, Isaac Ilyich Levitan, and Mark Antokolski.
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  Reconstructing the Throne Room of the Third Jericho Palace  

Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey

Take a journey from the legendary king's palace in Jericho, where he died, to the site of his burial at Herodium. Learn the fascinating story of Herod's reign in the Kingdom of Judea.
exhibition website »
Gallery Talks: Tues. September 3, 17 | 7 pm | Hebrew | Fully booked
talk details »

  Franz Marc, Landscape with House, Dog, and Cow, 1914, Oil on canvas

Color Gone Wild: Fauve and Expressionist Masterworks from the Merzbacher Collection

Vibrant, boldly colored masterpieces by Henri Matisse, Andre Derain, Wassily Kandinsky, and other artists express the artists's freedom from social and artistic conventions.
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Gallery Talk: Wed. September 11 | 11 am | Hebrew | Fully booked
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Private Tours: Contact Emilia 02-670-8884; emilia@imj.org.il

  Yehudit Sasportas, The Black Wall, 2013, Plywood covered with MDF, acrylic paint  

Yehudit Sasportas: Seven Winters

Experience the beauty and mystery in the videos, drawings, and enigmatic sculptures, moving between forest, moor and moonlit landscapes of this complex installation.
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Gallery Talk: Tues. September 10 | 7 pm | Hebrew
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  Christian Marclay: The Clock. 2010  

Christian Marclay: The Clock

A 24-hour montage of thousands of film excerpts indicating the passage of time unfolding in a real time.
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24-hour screening: Tues.-Wed., September 24-25, 2 pm - 2 pm
Admission is free 9 pm - 10 am
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  Andre Kertesz, Untitled (Billboard), Paris 1931-1933
Gelatin silver print

Displaced Visions: Emigre Photographers of the 20th Century
Until October 5

Explore how the foreignness of some of the 20th century's key figures in photography - such as Andre Kertesz, Brassai, Bill Brandt, Man Ray and Robert Frank - affected their vision and the culture of their adopted homeland.
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  Henri Edmond Cross, Landscape, ca.1906
Watercolor over black chalk on paper  

Back to Nature: Landscapes Drawn by Masters
Until October 5

A selection of works ranging from realism to abstraction by artists spanning several centuries, including Annibale Carracci, Rembrandt van Rijn, Claude Lorrain, William Turner, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Emil Nolde, Joseph Zaritsky, Avigdor Arikha, and Aviva Uri.
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  A Feast of Illusions at The Youth Wing  


The artworks in this exhibition for the entire family make us think we see things that don't actually exist in reality, inviting us to reexamine what we thought we knew.
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exhibition website » (Hebrew)

  Gabriel Revelation, Hebrew inscription, 1st century BCE - 1st century CE, Collection of Dr. David and Jemima Jeselsohn, Zurich  

"I Am Gabriel": A Scroll in Stone from the Time of Herod

An ancient Hebrew text inscribed on a stone stands at the focus of this exhibition, opening a window onto the spiritual world of its writers in the Second Temple period. The inscription is presented along with rare manuscripts, including ancient copies of the Bible, New Testament, and Qur'an.
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  Cluer Dicey, after Jan van Doetechum The Younger (?)
A New Map of the Land of Promise and the Holy City of Jerusalem,
Etching, London, ca. 1765

Mapping the Holy Land: Cartographic Treasures from the Trevor and Susan Chinn Collection in the Israel Museum
Until September 17

A veritable treasure trove of ancient maps, several of them rare and of great significance, representing some of the most important schools of mapping Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
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  Hans Peter Feldman, born Germany 1941
Shadow Play, 2002, Mixed media,
Gift of Catherine Thieck, Paris
In memory of Josef Leib Rainhorn to Les Amis Francais du Musee d'Israel a Jerusalem  

Hans-Peter Feldmann: Shadowplay
Until October 5

Shadowplay, a large-scale installation, uses shadows to transform simple, everyday objects into magical figures in an imaginary world on the gallery walls.

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Gallery talk: Tues. September 10 | 6 pm | English
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  Anna Ticho, Plateau, 1977
Charcoal and pastel on paper

A Gentle Storm: Large-scale Works by Anna Ticho

Colorful, sweeping landscapes and delicate watercolors of flowers are displayed throughout the house in which Anna Ticho lived.
At Ticho House

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  Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova
Try again. Fail again. Fail better, 2011
Single-channel HD video projection; 8 mins.
Purchase, West Coast Art Acquisitions Committee
of American Friends of the Israel Museum   New in the Collection

Exhibited for the first time, two video works that touch on questions of ideology and its dissolution. Imbued with historical and biblical symbolism, Oded Hirsch's 50 Blue tells a personal story of father-son relationship.
Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better, the work of two young East European artists, Chisa and Tkacova, shows their Sisyphean struggle with a huge balloon in the shape of a fist, universal symbol of oppression and protest.

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Standard Time: Mark Formanek and the Datenstrudel Collective

This synchronized video projection shows 72 shift workers during a 24-hour performance in an empty field near Berlin, changing the digits every minute, thus maintaining the accuracy of the "digital" clock.
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  Pablo Picasso,
Blind Minotaur Led by a Young Girl in the Night
Aquatint, scraper and burin on copper, November 1934


For Print Lovers
The Israel Museum and the Jerusalem Print Workshop are initiating a joint series of meetings for print-lovers, including encounters with artists, collectors, restorers, and experts in the fascinating field of printmaking. Participants will be able to study masterworks from the Israel Museum collection from up close and try their hand at various printmaking techniques.

For further information please contact Ronit Sorek 02-670-8853 ronitso@imj.org.il
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All educational and cultural activities for the public taking place in the Museum are within the framework of:
The Sandra Rotman Cultural Program
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All programs are in
Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.
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Christian Marclay's The Clock
A 24-hour screening of this virtuoso video work
Tues- Wed September 24-25 | 2 pm - 2 pm
No extra charge | Entry is free after regular opening hours.
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  Wise at Night evening event  

Wise at Night - the year's opening event
A free evening of study sessions and creative activities with artists, lecturers, curators, and instructors.
Sound bite: brief lectures
Context: guided tours of the galleries
Hands on: experimenting with color and material
Meet the artist Ra'anan Harlap, winner of the Ministry for Culture and Sport prize for plastic art
Keynote speaker 8:30 pm Humor: Between text and image - Dani Kerman and Ephraim Sidon

Tues October 1 | 7-11 pm | Admission to Museum and event free after 7 pm Free
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Special and Private Events
For further details call, 02-670-8985

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  Sukkot design contest  

The Holidays at the Museum
The Sukkot events are sponsored by the family of Harry Torczyner, a man who forever maintained the curiosity and magic touch of his youth.
special holiday hours »

Talking Sukkahs
An exhibition of models from Beit Avi Chai's annual sukkah design contest.
September 22 - 28
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Activity Yard: Illusions for All
In conjunction with True or False?:
Experience amusing illusions in art and try your hand at creating illusions: Take a peek into a room that distorts height and width, discover what happens when you cut a Möbius strip, draw a hand that turns three-dimensional, look at yourself in an infinite mirror, and create movement in a work of art.
details and dates »

Story Time in the Library
Artists and storytellers will be visiting in honor of Sukkot.
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  Time Travel: The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls  

Time Travel: The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Join Alma on a journey through time to discover the incredible story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
A Hebrew animation film for ages 6+, at the Shrine of the Book Auditorium.
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Illustration Library
Programs sponsored by Anthony and Vanessa Beyer in honor of their children Alexander and Nikolaus Mandel Beyer.

Storillusion: Story Time in the Library (in Hebrew)
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  Eva Itzkowitz, Illustration   Days of Innocence: Illustrator Eva Itzkowitz and the Ofer Library

Original illustrations to beloved children's books, including Itzhak Schweiger-Dmi'el's Hanna's Sabbath Dress, all produced by the same anonymous artist, are on display in this exhibition, revealing the unknown illustrator's identity for the first time.
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  In the Youth Wing Recycling Workshop  

Recycling Workshop

Sitting on nails (?) or soup bowls (!) and working at mirror-tables in an illusory environment, children create objects that appear to be one thing but turn out to be something else entirely.
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  In the Youth Wing  

Art Classes and Workshops for Children and Adults
see art classes (in Hebrew) »
registration to art classes »

Introductory sessions and open workshops
For youth, Sept 9 details »
For adults, Wise at Night - the year's free opening event, Oct 1 details »
Registration and information 677-1303, 670-8961

See Do Love Art: Art lovers who seek to create will find inspiring artist-instructors in the Youth Wing. Adapted to the participants' age and skill level, these drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and pottery classes promote artistic growth and self-expression.
further information on courses and lectures (in Hebrew) »

Life Drawing Workshops: Under the guidance of artist-instructors Naomi Brickman and Yael Rubin.
Details and RSVP, call 677-1303, 670-8961

more about art education (Hebrew) »


Courses for Teachers

Educators are invited to take part in one-day classes or series of courses specially adapted to their needs and aims, with an emphasis on developing creative thinking and familiarity with the Museum and its treasures.

For details, call 670-8860 or email lihis@imj.org.il

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A large selection of guided tours adapted to various groups. Call Emilia 02-670-8884; emilia@imj.org.il

The Bergman House Built on the Museum premises in the 1970s, the International Style house of art collector Charlotte Bergman boasts a view of the Valley of the Cross and of the Knesset. With her death in 2002, Charlotte bequeathed her important collection of modern art to the Museum and instructed that the house and its contents be left untouched. On display in this magnificent residence are original masterpieces by Picasso, Chagall, Henry Moore, and other artists, making a visit to the house a very special experience. Tours last one hour | To arrange tours, call Nava 02-6708805 or email navas@imj.org.il

Tours for Schools and Other Educational Institutions:
For details, call Nava at 670-8805, 677-1305, navas@imj.org.il

Tours for Special Education Groups and Visitors with Special Needs: For details, call Timnah at 677-1379 or email

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  View of the Israel Museum   Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum
The Association of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum is dedicated to developing and cultivating relations between the Museum and its community of friends and supporters in Israel.

Honor your friends with a contribution to the Israel Museum. A personalized certificate acknowledging your donation towards educational and youth activities at the Museum will be issued by the office of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum: 02-670-8815, 677-1344
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  The Museum Shop  

Museum Shop

August "Back-to-school" discounts
Open during regular hours and Tues from 10 am

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  Google Art Project  

Google Art Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Google Art Project, making its galleries and hundreds of highlights from its permanent collection accessible online to audiences around the world. Developed in partnership with Google, the project features 520 of the most important objects in the Israel Museum's expansive collections, with high resolution images that allow viewers to examine works in exceptional detail, together with background information on objects and artists. Visitors may also explore the Museum's campus and permanent galleries virtually, using Google's Street View technology
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  DSS Scrolls Digital Project  

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history.

to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project »

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   The Shrine of the Book
» Shrine of the Book

» The Billy Rose Art Garden
Anna Ticho
» Ticho House
The  Rockefeller Museum
» Rockefeller Museum
Free Guided Tours in English » details

Museum Shop, Tel. 02-672-8294; shop@imj.org.il » details
Mansfeld Cafe, Tel. 02-563-6280 » details
Modern Restaurant, Tel. 02-648-0862 » details
Chic Cafe, Tel. 02-633-2555 » details
Special and Private Events, Tel. 02-670-8985, events@imj.org.il » details

IFIM Office, Tel. 02-670-8815 or 02-677-1344 | learo@imj.org.il » details
Youth Wing, Tel. 02-670-8835 | youthmus@imj.org.il » details
Membership Office, Tel. 02-670-8855 | members@imj.org.il » details
Volunteers Organization, Tel. 02-670-8925 | volunteers@imj.org.il » details
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Image Resources & Copyright Management Departmentl, +972-2-633-2575, 02-633-2576 » details

Information and Study Centers
The Isidore and Anne Falk Information Center for Jewish Art and Life.
By appointment only, Tel. 02-677-1304 » details

Israeli Art Information Center Study room adjacent to the Library.
Tel.02-670-8018 | artcent@imj.org.il/ » details

Study Room for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs; The Arturo Schwarz Dada and Surrealist Library;
The Norman Bier Section for Maps of the Holy Land. By appointment only:
Prints and Drawings, Schwarz Library, and Bier Maps Section: Tel. 02-670-8853, 02-670-8065;

Photographs: Tel. 02-670-8843 » details
Illustration Library in the Youth Wing

Dorot Foundation Dead Sea Scrolls Information and Study Center, in Memory of Joy Gottesman Ungerleider
Closed to the public; reopening to be announced on Museum website» details


Wheelchairs and lockers are available at the Entrance Pavilion. Coat check and folding chairs are available at the end of the Route of Passage, near the elevators. Please inquire at the Information Desk.

Special September Hours at the Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book
Erev Rosh Hashanah - Wed, 04.09, 10 am – 2 pm
Rosh Hashanah - Thurs, 05.09, 10 am – 5 pm
Rosh Hashanah - Fri, 06.09, 10 am – 2 pm
Eve of Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur - Fri–Sat 13–14.9 Closed
see more details and Sukkot hours »


Thank Yous

The Museum keeps its doors open with the help of its Guardian friends
Valerie Joseph 8–14.9
Beth Goldberg Nash and Joshua Nash 15–21.9
The Mailman Foundation 29.9–5.10

Gallery Talks are courtesy of the Morton L. and Barbara Mandel Fund

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of those who contribute to its exhibitions
Color Gone Wild Donors to the 2013 Exhibition Fund; Additional support provided by the Ministry of Culture and Sport
ArTricks Donors to the 2013 Exhibition Fund; The Marianna Griessmann Youth Wing Fund, London; The Morris Rodman Fund, Washington, D.C., The J. Weinstein Foundation in memory of Joe and Celia Weinstein, New York
Displaced Visions, Back to Nature, Mapping the Holy Land Donors to the 2013 Exhibition Fund
A Gentle Storm Ticho House Fund
Herod the Great The William Davidson Foundation, Detroit;
Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv;

The Leon Levy Foundation, New York; The David Berg Foundation, New York; Sarah and Avie Arenson, Caesarea; Jacqueline Simkin, Miami, in honor of Sarah and Avie Arenson's 50th wedding anniversary; Karyn and Mel Lazareck, Canada, in honor of Sarah and Avie Arenson's 50th wedding anniversary; David and Jeannie Hendin, New York, in memory of Ehud Netzer
'I Am Gabriel' Dr. David and Jemima Jeselsohn, Zurich; Additional support provided by the Green Collection, Oklahoma City
*Donors to the Israel Museum's 2011-2012 Exhibition Funds: Claudia Davidoff, Cambridge, MA, in memory of Ruth and Leon Davidoff, Hanno D. Mott, New York, The Nash Family Foundation, New York; Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild Foundation in Israel

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