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Dear Visitors,

I write to you in what promises to be an exciting year at the Museum. On February 13, we open Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey, our most ambitious archaeological exhibition ever and the world's first exhibition about King Herod and his achievements as an imperial builder, culminating with his own monumental tomb at Herodium. And Joan Miro's Spanish Dancer: Variations on a Theme, a "focus" exhibition showcasing two of our own masterpieces, illuminated by related works on loan from museums worldwide, also opens in February, joining a rich schedule of ongoing exhibitions on many other themes.
Our recently inaugurated Israeli Art Season, a celebration of contemporary Israeli art, features four exhibitions - Fields of Vision: Landscapes by Israel Hershberg (closing Feb 9) ; Nelly Agassi : Video Works ; Veronese Green: Joshua Borkovsky, Paintings, 1987-2012 ; and Great Wide Open: New and Old in the Collection - presenting Israeli art in a contemporary and historical context with important loans and works from all of the Museum's collections.
We thank you for your continuing friendship and support and look forward to welcoming you to the Museum in the months ahead.

James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director

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Carved limestone window screen with cut-out decoration
Lower Herodium, 1st century BCE, limestone
Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem / by Meidad Suchowolski


Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey
From February 13
The first exhibition entirely dedicated to Herod the Great, Israel's greatest builder and one of the most controversial figures in Jewish history. Large reconstructions and new finds from Herod's palaces in Herodium, Jericho, and other sites are on display. Exhibited to the public for the very first time, these artifacts shed new light on the political, architectural, and aesthetic influence of Herod's rule (37-4 BCE). Herod's tomb - discovered at Herodium after a 40-year search by the late Prof. Ehud Netzer of the Hebrew University - holds pride of place. The exhibition is held in memory of Prof. Netzer, who fell to his death in 2010 on the site of his discovery.
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  Joan Miró
Painting (Spanish Dancer), 1927

Joan Miro's Spanish Dancer: Variations on a Theme
From February 27
Flamenco's sensuous arm work, articulate hand gestures, and percussive steps inspired Joan Miro to produce numerous sketches, drawings, paintings, and collages of Spanish dancers over a period of sixty years, from 1921 to 1981. These witty and playful works are rendered in a variety of styles - from realism and cubism to surrealism and abstraction - exhibiting Miro's constant experimentation with form, medium, and technique. Miro's dancers transform the mythic, popularized image of the erotic dancer, introducing a modernist vocabulary of visual signs that express the artist's origins in an evolving personal yet universal avant-garde language.
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  Alma Shaham, Concrete rabbit, 2012, concrete, string and buttons  

Sandbox: A Joint Project with the Bezalel Industrial Design Department
From February 19

The exhibition presents selected works by industrial design students from Bezalel, produced as part of a project that began with seminars and visits to the Israel Museum, continued at the Dead Sea, and concluded in the Museum's Youth Wing. Every year the department's students spend time at the Dead Sea experimenting with traditional techniques and local materials. The results exemplify a balance between improvisation and rigorous planning, with a particular emphasis on the creative process.
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  View of 'New in the Collection   New in the Collection

On display in this space - devoted to the initial presentation of artworks from the Israel Museum's collections - are works dealing with transitions and thresholds: ..
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  Bill Brandt,Lot's Cottage or Flatford Mill, Suffolk, 1974,
Gelatin silver print  

Double Take: The Tanenbaum and Willens Photography Collections

Two distinct collections addressing different periods in photography. The first, gifted by Howard and Carole Tanenbaum, Toronto, highlights Soviet photography, while the second, given by Howard P. Willens, Washington, DC, offers varied works by masters of 20th-century photography.
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  Israel Hershberg, Aria Umbra, 2003-4,119X250 cm

Fields of Vision: Landscapes by Israel Hershberg
Until Feb 9
The eminent realist painter Israel Hershberg takes a long, hard, and unrelenting look at his subject, be it a still life, a portrait, a nude figure, or a landscape. For years he meticulously depicted isolated objects, capturing the effects of light and of time on their mutable surfaces, leaving no detail of texture or composition untended.
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Gallery Talk: With exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn 
Wed, Feb 6 | Hebrew | 11 am
» details

  Nelly Agassi, 
Flame, 2004   Nelly Agassi: Video Works
Artist Nelly Agassi uses her body as a platform on which she performs repetitive actions dealing with femininity, physical pain, and emotional experiences. From the beginning of her career in the mid-1990s, Agassi's video works have documented these actions with an immediacy that resonates with the art of the 1970s, which placed the body at the forefront. Though in many of her works Agassi seems to record mundane actions, their slow, meditative repetition transforms them into powerful rituals that expose the fragility of the body and its limitations, while conveying both lyricism and drama.
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Gallery Talk: With the artist and with exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn
Wed, Feb 20 | Hebrew | 11 am
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  Shai Zurim, Umbrella, 2006  

Great Wide Open: New and Old in the Collection
Desert landscapes and seascapes are at the heart of this exhibition. Contemporary artworks, recently acquired by or gifted to the Museum, will be exhibited alongside a variety of works from the Museum's collections, including video art, drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography from the 19th century to the present.
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See event A Voyage Around the Country and the World Among Dani Karavan's Sculptures
In conjunction with the exhibition
Tuesday, Feb 5 | Hebrew | 8 pm
» details
Gallery Talk: With Prof. Rachel Elior and with exhibition curator
Wed, Feb 13 | Hebrew | 11 am
» details

  Joshua Borkovsky, Chandelier Reflection, Oil on canvas, Diptych, 1998  

Veronese Green
Joshua Borkovsky: Paintings, 1987-2012

This comprehensive exhibition, featuring some 60 works painted by Joshua Borkovsky over the past 25 years, encapsulates a singular creative process. Three cycles of works from the past decade - Echo and Narcissus, Vera-Icon, and Apelles' Line - stand at its core, complemented by other artworks of the same period and from the 1980s. All together they yield an integral body of work, whose every unit resonates with the others, illuminating them.
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Gallery Talk: With the artist and with exhibition co-curator Aya Miron
Wed, Feb 27 | Hebrew | 11 am
» details

  Moritz  Daniel Oppenheim,  Portrait of Ludwig Boerne in his study, Undated, Oil on Canvas

By the Book: 500 Years of Readers and Reading in European Art

Highlighting paintings and prints portraying readers in their study or in a landscape, the exhibition examines the significance of reading in European art. Works by such renowned artists as Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt, Salvator Rosa, Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, and the ..
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  David H. Gumbel, Laver and basin for ritual hand-washing of priests, 1938. Copper and silver, spun and cut  

Forging Ahead: Wolpert and Gumbel, Israeli Silversmiths for the Modern Age
German-born silversmiths David Heinz Gumbel (1906-1992) and Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert (1900-1981) were among the first to adapt the modern style, characterized by clean, flowing, and functional forms, to the design of Jewish ceremonial objects. The exhibition illuminates the untold tale of these two visionary teachers and creators, who became pillars of modern Judaica.
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Gallery Talk: With exhibition curator Sharon Weiser-Ferguson
Tues, Feb 26 | 7 pm
» details

  Electrum coins in the White Gold exhibition   White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins

An exceptional display of the first coins ever minted, issued in western Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) from the 7th century BCE. Made of an alloy of gold and silver known as electrum or "white gold," these coins were exquisitely fashioned. All 500 coins in the exhibition, from two private collections, are presented to the public for the very first time.
» To the exhibition website
Bentwood Sitzmaschine, ca. 1908
Designed by Josef Hoffmann, Austrian, 1870–1956
Manufactured by J. and J. Kohn, Vsetín, Moravia
Collection of Anat and Joe Meidan, Tel Aviv  

Anna's Vienna
Anna Ticho spent her youth in Vienna, where she studied art from 1908 to 1912. This exhibition presents the material culture of the period, including furniture and decorative housewares typical of the 19th century; paintings by Vienna Secession artists (Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele); and objects by Austrian designers Michael Thonet, Koloman Moser, Josef Hoffmann, and those associated with the Wiener Werkstatte. Ticho's work of the same period will also be displayed.
At Ticho House
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  View of the Manofim exhibition in the Rockefeller Museum  

In conjunction with "Manofim: The Annual Exhibition Season": Re: Visiting Rockefeller

A fascinating juxtaposition of contemporary Israeli art with archaeological artifacts and unique exhibition spaces. .
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  Frank Auerbach, Study for the Chimney Mornington Crescent, 1988   Frank Auerbach: Landscapes on Paper

Sixteen landscape paintings from the years 1975 to 1991 are on display in this sequel to the exhibition of portraits by the British artist Frank Auerbach. The works - most of which depict views of Camden Town, London, his place of residence - have recently been gifted to the Museum's Prints and Drawings collection.
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  Aya Ben Ron, Israeli, born 1967
Rescue, from A Voyage to Cythera, 2012, Collection of the artist  

Wall Work III - Aya Ben Ron, Rescue

Rescue consists of a sculpture suspended in mid-air and a video work. The sculpture - a portrait of the artist as a hospital nurse strapped onto a stretcher - hangs between heaven and earth, as in a rescue mission. A doctor and an emergency medical worker appear in the video work.Their act of humanitarian relief, on the one hand, and the steel sculpture of the
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  Jewish Women's dresses, 19th Century, Ioannina, Greece  

Jewish Women's Dresses from Ioannina

New in the collection! Greece, first half (?) of the 19th century. These rare dresses attest to the unique tradition of the community of Ioannina. The dresses, known to us for some 30 years, were passed down from generation to generation, and the Asseo family of Kibbutz Afiqim has now gifted them to the Museum.
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  Fragment of the Aleppo Codes, From Exodus Chapter 8  

Rescued from Fire: A Rare Remnant of the Aleppo Codex

On the day of the Aleppo Pogrom, December 1, 1947, Shmuel Sabag collected a scrap of parchment from the pages of the codex. Placed in his wallet, it served as an amulet until his last day. In 2003 his family donated this precious fragment to the Ben-Zvi Institute, and it is now on display at the Museum in the Shrine of the Book.
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  Dolls in the Beaded Ceremonial Art of the Ndebele exhibition

Beaded Ceremonial Art of the Ndebele
The Museum's African Art collection has recently been enriched by a generous donation of beaded Ndebele art. This special display highlights ceremonial body ornaments and initiation dolls made by Ndebele women for use in rites of passage and as status symbols. The intricate beadwork features common motifs such as stylized flora, houses, telegraph poles, and electric light bulbs, reflecting the Ndebele woman's domestic concerns, her hopes for a good harvest, and her aspirations for an idealized home.
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Gallery Talk: With curator Dorit Shafir

Tuesday, Feb 5 | 7 pm
» details

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All educational and cultural activities for the public taking place in the Museum are within the framework of:
The Sandra Rotman Cultural Program
. All programs are in
Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

  View of the Great Wide Open exhibition   Cultural Tuesdays: Israeli Art Season Events

In conjunction with the exhibition Great Wide Open

A Voyage Around the Country and the World Among Dani Karavan's Sculptures
Dani Karavan, the renowned Israeli and international artist and a pioneer of environmental sculpture, has exhibited worldwide. His works have earned him numerous awards, including the Israel Prize and the Japanese Emperor's Prize. Karavan discusses selected works produced over the past half-century of artistic creation.
Tues Feb 5 | 8 pm | In the exhibition | No extra charge
» details

Awards Ceremony: The Israel Museum Prizes in Israeli Art and Photography for 2012

The reception will be followed by a public lecture delivered by Michal Heiman, winner of the 2010 Shpilman International Prize for Excellence in Photography.

Feb 19 | Tues | 6:30 pm | In the Springer Auditorium
» details

  View of the Shrine of the Book  

What's New with the Scrolls?

The Wicked Priest Who Pursued the Teacher of Righteousness The second of three sessions highlighting selected passages from the Dead Sea Scroll, with Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator of the Shrine of the Book. This session examines ideological, religious, and social differences between the sects active under King Herod's rule (37-4 BCE), as described by the Habakkuk Commentary.
Feb 26 | Tues | 5:30 pm | In the Dorot Auditorium | No extra charge | Space is limited
» details


Music in the Galleries

Festivities at Ticho House in celebration of Purim

I Hate Music, but I Like to Sing Famous arias and musical numbers in operatic guise, all in the spirit of nonsense Shira Bitan – soprano; Shachar Shamai – baritone; Omri Abram – piano
Feb 20 | Wed | 8 pm | NIS 55; Members NIS 45 | In the Ticho House | Space is limited; For reservations,
call 670-8913, 670-8813
» details


Special and Private Events
For further details call, 02-670-8985

» details


Gallery Talks and Meet the Artist

Feb 6 | Fields of Vision: Landscapes by Israel Hershberg With exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn | Wed 11 am
Feb 13 | Great Wide Open With Prof. Rachel Lior and exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn | Wed 11 am
Feb 19 | Anna's Vienna With exhibition curator Timna Seligman | In the Ticho House| Tues 7 pm
Feb 20 | Nelly Agassi: Video Works With exhibition curator Amitai Mendelsohn | Wed 11 am
Feb 26 | Forging Ahead: Wolpert and Gumbel, Israeli Silversmiths for the Modern Age | With exhibition curator Sharon Weiser-Ferguson | Tues 7 pm
Feb 27 | Veronese Green Joshua Borkovsky: Paintings, 1987-2012 With the artist and with exhibition curator Aya Miron | Wed 11 am
March 5 | Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey | With exhibition curators Dudi Mevorah and Silvia Rozenberg | Tues 7 and 7:30 pm | Space is limited; pre-registration at 677-1302

» details

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A large selection of activities, guided tours, workshops, lectures, and theatrical tours adapted to various groups

To arrange tours in Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, or Spanish, call Emilia at 670-8884
»further details

Resuming in the Spring! Guided Tour of Bergman House

The private home of international art collector Charlotte Bergman was built on the Museum premises in the 1970s. The International Style house boasts a view of the Valley of the Cross and of the Knesset. With her death in 2002, she bequeathed her important collection of modern art to the Museum and instructed that the house and its contents be left untouched. On display in this magnificent residence are original masterpieces by Picasso, Chagall, Henry Moore, and other artists, making a visit to the house a very special experience.
Tour lasts one hour; To arrange tours, call Nava Shema at 670-8805, 677-1305, »

Group Tours for Schools and Other Educational Institutions:
Good for the Body, Good for the Soul - Healthy lifestyle workshop
From Kindergarten to Grade 12 - A variety of themes in the galleries
Tours for Art Majors
For details, call Nava Shema at 670-8805, 677-1305, »

Tours for Special Education Groups
For details, call Timnah Shahar at 677-1379, »

Tours for Private Groups: A wide selection of programs to enrich a private event, including an overview of the Museum's treasures; thematic tours focusing on archaeology, the Bible, fine art, Jewish art and life, 100 years of Israeli art, or love; and guided tours of temporary exhibitions and special exhibits

Tailor-Made Tours: Design a tour especially suited to your needs, together with one of our professional guides

Culture for Seniors: Enjoy a fun day at the Museum, including a guided tour, show, and coffee break.
For details, call Emilia Vid at 670-8884, »

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  Purim in the Youth Wing  

Purim at the Museum
Free admission for children on February 25!

Cirque No Problem in a comic show, combining classical and modern circus arts.
February 25 | 12 noon


Wild Street Party! Juggling, clowns, stilt walking, and characters from the Scroll of Esther, performed by members of the Outdoor Stage - The Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center, to the sounds of a DJ… Please come in costume or create something during the following workshops:
February 25 10 am - 2 pm

Masks and noisemakers
In the Youth Wing classrooms |
February 25 Ages 6 and up | NIS 15 per workshop

Strange and hilarious hats
In the Recycling Workshop | Sun-Mon |
February 24-25 | 10 am - 2 pm | Ages 4-7 | NIS 15

hat's the Way It Is! Storyteller Shlomit Dvir plays with books and hats, while singing, laughing, and playing musical instruments.
In the Illustrations Library |
February 24-25
» for details

  Eva Itzkowitz, Illustration for 'Hanna's Sabbath Dress' by Itzhak Schweiger-Dmi'el   Days of Innocence: Illustrator Eva Itzkowitz and the Ofer Library

Original illustrations to beloved children's books, including Itzhak Schweiger-Dmi'el's Hanna's Sabbath Dress, all produced by the same anonymous artist, are on display in this exhibition, revealing the unknown illustrator's identity for the first time.
» read on
  Mondays in the Illustration Library: February 4, 11, 18

Big Art for Little Artists
In this series of meetings with Michal Kerer, storytelling inspires children to create their own works of art.

Big Art for Bigger Artists
For slightly older children, who are either new or continuing in the program

» details

In the Illustration Library: Sun, Wed 10 am - 2 pm | Mon, Thurs 1-5 pm | Tues 4-7 pm
  The Youth Wing  

New! Triple Tuesday Every Week!
Three activities in a single ticket: in the Recycling Workshop (4-7 pm), the Illustration Library (5 pm), and a surprise elsewhere on the Museum campus

February 5 Seven in One Shot Weaving a hero's belt | What does a hero look like? With Orna Granot | Omer the Storyteller tells the story of the seven flies and the tailor who wished to rule

  February 12 My Very Own Mask Making magnificent masks| Masks from the Youth Wing collection | Dance-story with dancer Alit Etrog Heiman

February 19 "In the Beginning" Making special booklets | Author Mirik Snir and illustrator Sonia Sekhel present the round book they co-produced | The author and illustrator sign the book 6 pm

February 26 Hanna's Sabbath Dress Stamping and staining fabrics | Story time with Orna Granot | Tour of the exhibition Days of Innocence

4 pm | Ages 4-8 | Full Program NIS 25; Recycling Workshop or Illustration Library only NIS 15
» details

  Passover at the Museum  

Passover at the Museum

Passover Day Camp This year's camp examines the significance of order in archaeology, art, the Jewish holidays, and in each child's personal life, with a day devoted to making a perfect mess!!

Grades 1-5 |
March 17-21 | 8:30 am - 1:30 pm | Registration opens February 17 | Call 670-1302

  March 17-21 Seder Story Illuminated Haggadahs, a story in reverse, and more, with Library staff

March 22 Israeli Dance Festival Fourteen dance troupes demonstrating the beauty, joy, and vitality of Israeli folkdance in a performance integrating original choreographies, varied music, and colorful costumes.

March 27-28 Stories of Elijah the Prophet With actress Anat Geiger Shabbtai and her special puppets

March 17-22; 27-29; April 2 Moses in the Basket Only here do the wise, the simple, Moses, and a frog come together in a single box!

March 27-28 Secrets and Lies in Herod's Palace Figures from the past guide the public through the exhibtion Herod the Great: The King's Final Journey 10:30 am, 1 pm | Ages 6 and up | NIS 20 per child| Space limited exhibition

March 28 The Life and Times of King Herod Join Makom Theatre on a fascinating journey through the life of one of Jewish history's most controversial figures.


Recycling Workshop

Where Ecology Meets Art Come experiment with a variety of materials collected from factories, in this enriching and challenging environment. The theme changes weekly (» see Triple Tuesday).
Tues 4 - 7 pm; 3-9 pm | NIS 15 | For details, call 670-8963 (Telma Schultz)
» details


Archaeological Tell

Children and their parents are invited to learn about the various stages of an archaeological dig.
Open during regular Museum hours. (Workbook at no extra charge)
» details


Birthdays at the Museum

Celebrate your child's birthday at the Museum on weekday afternoons. You provide the refreshments, we take care of all the rest!

Birthday in the Good Night Exhibition | Ages 5 - 9 | 5-7 pm | Games, giggles, and scares - and a surprise at the end.

New! Pajama party in the Good Night Exhibition | Ages 8 - 12 | 8-10 pm | Games, workshops, nightly tours, and more

Also suitable for class parties; For reservations, call Mimi at 02-677-1302

» further details

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  Register online for Membership: » click for membership registration form » Members benefits & further details  
  Museum entrance

"Gold" Tour

A tour of the exhibitions Pure Gold at the Bible Lands Museum and White Gold at the Israel Museum, exploring the metal that has captivated the human imagination since the dawn of time and revealing the taste of the aristocracy some 2,000 years ago, as well as presenting the first coins ever minted. All of the objects of display belong to private collections.

February 5 | Tues | 6 pm | NIS 20 | Meet at the Bible Lands Museum |
For registration, call 670-8855


Neighboring Sounds

The Museum hosts a concert series performed by outstanding students from the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

February 15 Solo and Duet - Works by Beethoven, Sarasate, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss
March 15 From Guitar and Harp Strings to the Strings of the Piano - Works by Bach, Cimarosa, Bartok, and Brahms

Fri | 12 noon | Free of charge | Space is limited

Tour of Herodium

In conjunction with the exhibition Herod the Great:

March 8 9:15 am Meet in the Entrance Pavilion |10 am Guided tour of the exhibition
11:30 am – 1:15 pm Guided tour of Herodium
(for avid walkers; organized transportation) | NIS 85

Space is limited; For registration, call 670-8855

   Itzhak Danziger, Nimrod,
Nubian sandstone  
© Estate of the artist   Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum
The Association of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum is dedicated to developing and cultivating relations between the Museum and its community of friends and supporters in Israel.

Honor your friends with a contribution to the Israel Museum. A personalized certificate acknowledging your donation towards educational and youth activities at the Museum will be issued by the office of Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum: 02-670-8815, 677-1344
»More information about the Israeli Friends of the Israel Museum

»More information about the InternationalFriends of the Israel Museum
  The Museum Shop  

Museum Shop

Happy Purim! February 24-25
10% off selected toys
30% off Purim platters
The shop is open during regular Museum hours, and also from 10 am on Tuesdays » Shop online

  Google Art Project  

Google Art Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Google Art Project, making its galleries and hundreds of highlights from its permanent collection accessible online to audiences around the world. Developed in partnership with Google, the project features 520 of the most important objects in the Israel Museum's expansive collections, with high resolution images that allow viewers to examine works in exceptional detail, together with background information on objects and artists. Visitors may also explore the Museum's campus and permanent galleries virtually, using Google's Street View technology
» to the Google Art Project

  DSS Scrolls Digital Project  

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history.

» to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project

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   The Shrine of the Book
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Study Room for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs; The Arturo Schwarz Dada and Surrealist Library;
The Norman Bier Section for Maps of the Holy Land. By appointment only:
Prints and Drawings, Schwarz Library, and Bier Maps Section: Tel. 02-670-8853, 02-670-8065;

Photographs: Tel. 02-670-8843 » details
Illustration Library in the Youth Wing

Dorot Foundation Dead Sea Scrolls Information and Study Center, in Memory of Joy Gottesman Ungerleider
Closed to the public; reopening to be announced on Museum website» details


Wheelchairs and lockers are available at the Entrance Pavilion. Coat check and folding chairs are available at the end of the Route of Passage, near the elevators. Please inquire at the Information Desk.

The Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book are open:
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The Museum keeps its doors open with the help of its Guardian friends:

The Sofaer Foundation
Feb 9-2
Gallery Talks courtesy of the Morton L. and Barbara Mandel Fund

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of those who contribute to its exhibitions:

Herod the Great The William Davidson Foundation, Detroit; Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv; The Leon Levy Foundation, New York; The David Berg Foundation, New York; Sarah and Avie Arenson, Caesarea; Jacqueline Simkin, Miami, in honor of Sarah and Avie Arenson's 50th wedding anniversary; Karyn and Mel Lazareck, Canada, in honor of Sarah and Avie Arenson's 50th wedding anniversary; David and Jeannie Hendin, New York, in memory of Ehud Netzer
Forging Ahead Michael Jesselson, New York Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*
Anna's Vienna
Ticho House Fund
Nelly Agassi; Great Wide Open; Veronese Green; By the Book
Donors to the Israel Museum's 2011-2012 Exhibition Funds:*
White Gold The Thomas S. Kaplan Collection, courtesy of the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation; The Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
*Donors to the Israel Museum's 2011-2012 Exhibition Funds: Claudia Davidoff, Cambridge, MA, in memory of Ruth and Leon Davidoff, Hanno D. Mott, New York, The Nash Family Foundation, New York; Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild Foundation in Israel

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