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Dear Visitors,

As we enter our spring season, we continue to celebrate the strength of our collections, exhibitions, and events, offering a rich and diverse program with something for every age and taste - all within the setting of our beautifully renewed campus.

New exhibitions in each of our curatorial wings highlight important and fascinating subjects: A World Apart Next Door, in our Wing for Jewish Art and Life, offers a rare glimpse into the world's Hasidic cultures. Beuys | Kantor: Remembering, in our Fine Arts Wing, makes history as the first presentation in Israel of the work of the German artist Joseph Beuys, who, together with his Polish counterpart, Tadeusz Kantor, played a seminal role in the history of post- World War II European art. White Gold, in our Archaeology Wing, brings together the largest display ever of the world's first coins, produced in Asia Minor beginning in the seventh century BCE. And our Youth Wing's annual theme exhibition, Good Night, offers a pleasurable and playful experience for the entire family. We also invite you to enjoy our ongoing programs of lectures, performances, and special events at the Museum and at Ticho House, and of exhibitions off-site at the Rockefeller Museum and at Ticho House in Jerusalem - and this season also at Mani House in Tel Aviv.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and participation and look forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead.

James S. Snyder
Anne and Jerome Fisher Director

  Google Art Project  

Google Art Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Google Art Project, making its galleries and hundreds of highlights from its permanent collection accessible online to audiences around the world. Developed in partnership with Google, the project features 520 of the most important objects inthe Israel Museum's expansive collections, with high resolution images that allow viewers to examine works in exceptional detail, together with background information on objects and artists. Visitors may also explore the Museum's campus and permanent galleries virtually, using Google's Street View technology

» to the Google Art Project

  DSS Scrolls Digital Project  

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project

The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history.

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  Electrum stater with depiction of ram   White Gold: Revealing the World's Earliest Coins
From May 8
An exceptional display of the first coins ever minted, issued in western Asia Minor (modernday Turkey) from the 7th century BCE. Made of an alloy of gold and silver known as electrum or "white gold," these coins were exquisitely fashioned...All 500 coins in the exhibition, from two private collections, are presented to the public for the very first time.
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  Joshua Neustein, Transparent Kituah (Segmentation), 2011, Sprayed acrylic on folded and cut paper and polyurethane, 350 x 380 cm, Collection of Catherine Goetschel, New York
  Neustein:Drawing in the Margins
From May 18
The drawings of Joshua Neustein, a Polish-born Israeli artist who resides in New York, undermine conventional approaches to drawing, addressing its constituent materials and its process of formation, penetrating its surface by folding, scratching, and tearing it, and stretching its boundaries to the very edge. This retrospective exhibition presents 75 selected artworks spanning 45 years of creative activity.
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Gallery Talk: With exhibition curator Meira Perry-Lehmann May 22» details
  Tadeusz Kantor
Little Bike / Child Dummy on a Bike 
(From The Dead Class), 1975 
 Readymade bike; dummy: plastic, glass eyes, 
hair, fabric, wood, sponge, wadding, metal 
Cricoteka, Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor, Kraków 

  Beuys | Kantor: Remembering
From May 22
This exhibition traces the parallel story of the life and work of German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) and Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990). Both returned again and again to their personal life stories and both addressed complex issues of German-Polish-Jewish relations and the traumatic upheavals of European history that each had experienced in very different ways. The exhibition - the first-ever presentation of Beuys in Israel - presents key examples of their multifaceted work, bringing together loans from important holdings in Europe and offering our public a singular museum experience.
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  Eugene Delacroix, French, Jewish Musician(Costume de Mogador en Maroc), Charenton-Saint-Maurice,
1842, Paris, Wood engraving on newsprint
  Alfred Dehodencq Study of a woman's head and arms Graphite and ink
From May 29
This exhibition of 40 Orientalist drawings, prints, and oil paintings highlights the versatile, turbulent career of the French Romantic artist Alfred Dehodencq (1822-1882), placing special emphasis on the period (1853-63) he spent in the Moroccan city of Tangier. During his frequent sojourns there, the artist became acquainted with the local Jewish community, drawing and then painting its members in times of happiness and sorrow, trial and festivity. The majority of the drawings and prints on display were recently gifted to the Museum by Dr. Philippe Cohen and Gerard Levy, Paris.
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  Claire Fontaine, Paris-based collection artist, We are with You in the Night, 2008, Neon, Courtesy of Claire Fontaine and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv   Good Night

The exhibition peeks into the bedroom, exploring the different stages of sleep and the imagery associated with it, while also looking outdoors, illustrating the changes taking place at night in nature. Highlighting works of contemporary art, this exhibition for the whole family also includes activity corners and features objects from diverse times and cultures, attesting to the timelessness of the subject.
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» To the exhibition website
Gallery Talk: With exhibition curator Kobi Ben-Meir May 1, 9» details
  Eugene Atget, La Monnaie, 1899  

Eugene Atget: As Paris Was
In the Ticho House

The photographic oeuvre of Eugene Atget (1857-1927) has become a landmark in the history of the medium, and his works are recognized as an integral part of the canon of documentary photography...
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Special event May 15» details

  Philippe Ramette, Irrational Laziness #8, 2003, Purchase, Associates Acquisitions Committee of AFIM
© Philippe Ramette and Galerie  Xippas, Paris; photo by Marc Domage

  Third Show: The Urban Condition - Works from The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
In the Mani House, Tel Aviv

One of the first houses built in Tel Aviv in 1909,Mani House hosts works from the Museum's collection for the third time. This show features photography, video art, drawing, and sculpture by Israeli and international artists, focusing on the modern city and the experience of living in it over the past century.
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Gallery Talk: With exhibition curator Sivan Eran-Levian May 17» details
  Willem van Mieris,Venus and Adonis, undated, Oil on canvas   Rubens, Venus, and Adonis: Anatomy of a Tragedy

The Death of Adonis, circa 1614, a monumental oil painting by the Flemish Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens, was chosen to launch a series of exhibitions highlighting masterpieces from the Museum's collection...The British Museum, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, and The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge are among the institutions that have lent their works to the exhibition.
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  Anonymous, Cuzco School, Peru, 18th century
Arquebusier Archangel   Divine Messengers: Angels in Art

This exhibition presents works by the Baroque painters Pieter Lastman, Jacob Jordaens, and Pedro Orrente, and prints by German Renaissance artists depicting scenes from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, alongside paintings from the Cuzco Spanish colonial school, Islamic art, and illuminated ketubbot (Jewish marriage contracts) - all replete with angels. Holding pride of place in the exhibition is Paul Klee's emblematic Angelus Novus.
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  Sasha Galitsky, Illustration   The Wonderland Experience: Sasha Galitsky after Gennady Kalinovsky
In the Youth Wing Library; Until May 17

Sasha Galitsky became acquainted with the art of Gennady Kalinovsky (1929-2006) through his illustrations of Alice in Wonderland, published in 1974. Both artists were born in Russia (Galitsky immigrated to Israel in 1990) and began to paint at a very early age, participating in children's contests and receiving enthusiastic responses; and both love working with wood. .

» details

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  Dror Daum, Dead Led stills - 5, 2009  

Wall Work II - Dror Daum, Dead Leds, 2009
From May 1

Dror Daum filmed segments of large electronic billboards mounted in different public places around the country. The billboards are composed of thousands of minuscule LED bulbs that go on and off at set intervals, producing the darting image. Daum zoomed in on the non-operative areas of the billboard, enlarging those islands of black spots tenfold until he obtained an abstract, geometric video work reminiscent of modernist grid-like paintings such as Mondrian's.
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  The podium (the summer teiva) in the courtyard of the synagogue of Aleppo  

Rescued from Fire: A Rare Remnant of the Aleppo Codex
From May 20

On the day of the Aleppo Pogrom, December 1, 1947, Shmuel Sabag collected a scrap of parchment from the pages of the codex. Placed in his wallet, it served as an amulet until his last day. In 2003 his family donated this precious fragment to the Ben-Zvi Institute, and it is now on display at the Museum.In the Shrine of the Book
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  Dolls in the Beaded Ceremonial Art of the Ndebele exhibition

Beaded Ceremonial Art of the Ndebele

The Museum's African Art collection has recently been enriched by a generous donation of beaded Ndebele art. This special display highlights ceremonial body ornaments and initiation dolls made by Ndebele women for use in rites of passage and as status symbols. The intricate beadwork features common motifs such as stylized flora, houses, telegraph poles, and electric light bulbs, reflecting the Ndebele woman's domestic concerns, her hopes for a good harvest, and her aspirations for an idealized home.

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  Jacob Jordaens,Flemish, 1593–1678,
The King Drinks! (A Twelfth Night Feast), ca. 1645, Oil on canvas, Gift of Saul and Gayfryd Steinberg, New York,to American Friends of the Israel Museum  

Jacob Jordaens, The King Drinks!, ca. 1645

Jordaens, one of the major Flemish Baroque painters, earned fame for his large-scale commissions. This painting, an important addition to the Museum's growing holdings of masterpieces from the Netherlands, depicts the Feast of Epiphany, held on the twelfth night of Christmas in commemoration of the Adoration of the Magi. The celebration includes much food, wine, and merriment shared within the extended family.

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  Frank Auerbach
            Julia David and Catherine, 1989
Graphite on paper

Frank Auerbach: Portraits on Paper

The Museum's Prints and Drawings collection has recently been enriched with works by the German-born British artist Frank Auerbach. On display in this exhibition are twenty portraits of his friends and relatives, including Lucian Freud, Leon Kossoff, R. B. Kitaj, and Joe Tilson, painted between 1980 and 1998.

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  Sacrificial Altar, Tel Beersheba, 8th Century BC, sandstone

Offering Sacrifices

The expression "to seize the horns of the altar" traces its origin to the ancient custom whereby criminals seeking refuge would hold onto this sanctified part of the altar to avoid punishment. Such horns are clearly visible in this First-Temple-Period altar, which was probably used for burnt animal offerings in a Judahite shrine in the city of Beersheba.

Gallery Talk: With Eran Arie, Associate Curator of Israelite and Persian Periods May 8» details

  Mother and child, Colima, West Mexico, 250 BCE–250 CE, Sculpture 

Close Encounters

Featuring two mother-and-child sculptures,this exhibition brings together the work of modern artist Henry Moore and Precolumbian art created 2,000 years earlier. Moore's imposing,innovative sculptures and ancient West Mexican art both ascribe prominence to human figures, particularly those of mother and child. The sculptures' juxtaposition demonstrates their affinity and sheds light on the visual power and sensuality of the ancient art form, which served as a source of inspiration to the modern artist.
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All educational and cultural activities for the public taking place in the Museum are within the framework of:
The Sandra Rotman Cultural Program
. All programs are in
Hebrew unless otherwise indicated.

  Eugene Atget

Paris of the Early 20th Century
In conjunction with the exhibition Eugene Atget: As Paris Was
May 15 In the Ticho House

Atget in Jerusalem - Nissan Perez, Senior Curator of Photography
The Urban History of Paris in the Late 19th Century - Prof. Ronnie Ellenblum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Literary
Depictions of Paris: Hugo, Baudelaire, and Proust - Prof. Lena Shillony, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Exposing
Fashion and Intimate Dress in the Photographs of the Period - Dr. Shoshana-Rose Marzel, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Register 02-6708813

» details


Lecture Series: Eight Masters in the Israel Museum May 14

"Can one make works that are not 'of art'?" - Marcel Duchamp
With Adina Kamien-Kazhdan, Curator of Modern Art
» details


The Seventh Art: On Art and Cinema May 8
Scholars, film directors, and critics discuss the relations between cinema - the seventh art - and the six classical art forms that preceded it, focusing on artists who crossed the border and became filmmakers.

A Homage to Israeli Cinema and Literature

From Canvas to Screen: Artists as Filmmakers
A discussion of the fascinating films of Julian Schnabel, one of the few artists to have ventured into the realm of filmmaking. With Dr. Daphna Sering, Sapir College and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Closing session)

» details


Temples and Shrines May 15
This interdisciplinary series explores ancient and modern shrines from the point of view of archaeology, art history, folklore, architecture, and more.

Temple of Consumption: Shopping Mall, Space, Text

Dr. Shulamit Lederman, Bar-Ilan University and Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies

» details


Special and Private Events
For further details call, 02-670-8985

» details


Gallery Talks
May1, 8, 9, 15, 17, and 22, 29
» details

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Guided Tours

New! Guided tours for the public in Russian and in Arabic
Russian tours: May 11, 18
» details
Arabic tours: May 12, 29
» details

Guided Tours for Adult Groups The guided tour brings artworks to life, enriching their cultural context and the visitor's emotional experience. The renewed Museum offers a large selection of activities and tours adapted to each groups.
» For today's guided tours

To arrange guided tours for groups, call 670-8884 Fax 670-8076 (Emilia) NIS 55 per person (includes admission to Museum; regular admission fee is NIS 48).
» details

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  Drorit Har-Even, from the Triptychon Exhibition, 2012

Triptychon Graduating Students' Exhibition 2012
Until May 3

Triptychon, the Israel Museum's Art Matriculation Program, concludes three years of study under the guidance of Youth Wing instructors

» details

  Summer Marathon in the Youth Wing, 2011  

Summer Marathon in conjunction with the exhibition Good Night
Painting and sculpture for graduates of kindergarten through grade 7

Photography, comics, theater, classical animation, and industrial design

for graduates of grade 4 and above

Computerized musical composition; Digital animation; Digital photography; Computer art
for graduates of grade 8 and above

Wood sculpture with Amir Baumfeld for graduates of grade 9 and above
» details


Recycling Workshop

Join us on a journey through the enchanted world of recycling: the moon is a cake pan, the stars are buttons, cans, and coins, the chairs are covered with linens, and the wall is entirely decorated with pajamas. Create with a variety of materials collected from factories in the spirit of the exhibition Good Night.

Tues 4-7 pm | Ages 3-9 | NIS 15 | For details, call 670-8963 (Telma Schultz)
» details


Activities in the Illustrations Library

Mondays in the Illustrations Library: May 7, 14, 21

Big Art for Little Artists
In this series of meetings with Michal Kerer, storytelling inspires children to create their own works of art.

» details

Big Art for Little Artists
For slightly older children, who are either new or continuing in the program

» details

Tuesdays in the Illustrations Library: Big Art for Little Artists

May 1, 8, 15 (See Triple Tuesdays below), 22
» details

Triple Tuesdays
Every third Tuesday of the month, three activities in one ticket (can only be purchased for all three activities)

Big, Small, Round - Dots
Dotted Pictures - Tour of the Impressionist Gallery
Painting with Dots - With Telma Schultz

Story Time - Puppeteer Avishag Adler tells about dots and lines.

May 15
» details


Archaeological Tell

Children and their parents are invited to learn about the various stages of an archaeological dig.
Open during regular Museum hours. (Workbook at no extra charge)
Be an Archaeologist for a Day (details below in Birthdays at the Museum)

» details


Birthdays at the Museum

Celebrate your child's birthday at the Museum on weekday afternoons. You provide the refreshments, we take care of all the rest! Select the program of your choice:

Birthday in the Exhibition: | Ages 5 - 9
Games, challenges, and surprises in the framework of the Youth Wing exhibition

Archaeologist for a Day | Ages 6 - 10
Children try their hand at digging for ancient artifacts in the Youth Wing's reconstructed tell and take part in an archaeology workshop, after which they prepare a light meal with prehistoric flavor in the cave in the Youth Wing courtyard.

Fairy Tale Birthday | Ages 4 - 6
Birthday parties for kindergarten children filled with stories and activities in the spirit of the Youth Wing Library's illustrated book heroes.

For details and reservations, call 02-677-1302

» further details

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The Israel Museum around the world

Jacques Lipchitz, "Beelden aan Zee" Museum, The Hague
January 30, 2011 - June 3, 2012
The artist's bronze sketches and other sculptures from the Museum collection
» further details

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  View of the Iron Age gallery, Archaeology Wing  

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The Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of those who contribute to its exhibitions:

Beuys | Kantor Lynn Schusterman and the Schusterman Foundation - Israel, in honor of the 60th birthday of Israel Museum Director James S. Snyder; Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*;
White Gold The Thomas S. Kaplan Collection, courtesy of the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation; The Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
Nancy and Steven Weinstock, New York; Patricia and Lance Blackstone, London; Avedis Tavitian, Los Angeles; Lynn Schusterman, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*;
Eugene Atget: As Paris Was Ticho House Fund
Good Night: Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*; Association of Friends of the Israel Museum in Germany; Hollandia Israel
The Jews of Tangier Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*;
Divine Messengers Donors to the 2011- 2012 Exhibition Fund*
Gerhard Richter, Abstraktes Bild 849-3 Lily Safra, in memory of her husband, Edmond J. Safra
Rubens, Venus, and Adonis Donors to the 2012 Exhibition Fund*
Offering Sacrifices: David Cahn, Basel, in memory of his father, Herbert A. Cahn

*Donors to the Israel Museum's 2011-2012 Exhibition Funds: Claudia Davidoff, Cambridge, MA, in memory of Ruth and Leon Davidoff, Hanno D. Mott, New York, The Nash Family Foundation, New York
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