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May 2014
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After New York, Rome, and Japan...Big Bambú - Doug + Mike Starn in the Israel Museum!

Big Bambu
On May 12: Top News Photo of the Day on Good Morning America (Photo by Ronen Zvulun, Reuters)

American artists Doug and Mike Starn, known for their large-scale exterior installations constructed from bamboo, now hold their Israeli debut. Their works have been displayed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Venice Biennale, The National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and The Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum in Japan. The artists – who are also identical twin brothers – have now been invited to create a new work in the Billy Rose Art Garden: an installation resembling a massive organism, made of thousands of bamboo canes tied together with colored string, which may be circled, climbed on, and entered. The installation, combining architecture and sculpture, examines the tension between chaos and order in nature. Visitors are able to observe the building process being carried out by a special team of 25 rock climbers, to see how the construction changes over time, and to witness the creation of a unique work of art.

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Events and Programs

On Writers and Stories

In conjunction with the International Writers Festival. In cooperation with Mishkenot Sha'ananim.

Israeli Identity: From Dream to Reality A tour with Assaf Inbari, author of 'Home', and curator Daniella Shalev.
May 19, 4 pm »

'My Mother Baked the Whole World for Me in Sweet Cakes' A journey in the Museum through the eyes of Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai with Ella Elbaz. Space is limited.
May 20, 4 pm »

Neighboring Sounds
The Museum hosts a concert series featuring outstanding musicians from the nearby Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Free to members. Included in the entrance ticket. May 16, 12:30 pm »

Relationships: From Laughter to Tears
Famous arias and duet
s from operas, musicals, Israeli songs, and French chansons. Featuring a soprano, a baritone, and piano accompaniment. Ticho House.
May 21, 8 pm. To register call 6708813 »

International Museum Day
Free Museum entrance. May 19

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Hidden Power in African Art
Sculptures and masks hide "magical elements" within - pickled ginger root, chewed nuts, bird beaks, hair and blood.
It is hard to imagine modern art without European artists 'discovering' African sculptures and drawing inspiration from them. The exhibition Hidden Power returns to the original ritual and ceremonial meanings of the African masks and sculptures, which were largely receptacles for magical elements thought to have supernatural powers and able to harness the spirits and gods for man's needs. The exhibition enables a rare glimpse into the interior of these sculptures and masks, through the use of X-ray images, revealing the materials laying within.
From May 21 »
Gallery Talks
Meet in the exhibition. Free

Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe. With exhibition curator Efrat Assaf-Shapira.
May 20, 7 pm »

May 21, 11 am »

Richard Avedon: Family Affairs. With exhibition curator Noam Gal and Boaz Cohen. May 27, 7 pm »

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Family Time

Family Time

Summer Day Camp registration open. Summer day camp and art courses for children, from kindergarten through 12th grade.(Please note: All classes and activities are conducted in Hebrew.) For details and registration call: 6708960, 6771302

Mondays in the Illustration Library

May 26, June 2
Big Art for Little Artists (ages 4-6). 4:30 pm »
Big Art for Bigger Artists (ages 7-9). 5:45 pm »

Triple Tuesday
Three activities in a single ticket: in the Recycling Workshop, in the Illustration Library, and ... a surprise! Inspired by the Journeys exhibition. May 20, 27 »

Animated Children's Film in the Shrine of the Book about the Dead Sea Scrolls. For further information »
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